back to article Daisy completes Phoenix IT gobble

Acquisition-ravenous Daisy Group has completed its gobble of tech services outfit Phoenix IT Group. The deal is a sizeable purchase for Daisy, with Phoenix turning over £233.4m in sales for the full-year 2014. The 1,400 engineers working for Daisy and Phoenix will be merged in the Partner Services division. The Phoenix …

  1. wyatt

    Having spoken with a few 'Daisy' staff, they're not impressed with the name! Time will tell if they're impressed with Daisy as a company.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brilliant strategy

    The 2e2 model of building a business is alive and well.

    Daisy are growing to Titanic proportions.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Brilliant strategy

      Indeed, and the crash is bound to happen.

      In ${dayjob} (anon for obvious reasons) we're coming across Daisy victimscustomers who've been sold long contracts for unsuitable and expensive options. Could anyone conceive of signing a 7 year contract for internet services - with cancellation clauses that allow Daisy to recover everything that you might have spend with them right up to the contract end ?

      Another customer sold EFM (2 pair, <7Mbps) as "faster" than their current ADSL (around 14Mbps) - and the customer believes it because the brochure says "up to 35M" ! FTTC not available to them.

      Elsewhere we've heard of someone tied in for 5 years of VoIP phone service - with early termination charges that make it cheaper to continue. Problem is, they need to move - and have no choice but to pay Daisy to move their stuff. Yup, half a grand to come and "survey" for the changes, then another half a grand for the move itself !

      When all these customers realise how they've been shafted, and ditch them in the "never to be even within bargepole reach" category once their contracts run out, then income is going to plummet and they'd be well and truly without a paddle.

      My manager thinks the current management will be hoping they'll look healthy enough to have been bought out by an even bigger mug before then. Trebles all round for those that'll make a mint from selling up, load of garden fertiliser for staff and customers.

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