back to article Apple gobbles chunk of CNET, ZDNet – report

Apple is reportedly moving into San Francisco's stinky and noisy trendy South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood – by leasing office space in CBS Interactive's building. The iGiant will take 76,000 of the 283,000 square feet at 235 Second Street, according to a report by the San Francisco Business Times, citing sources in the real- …

  1. elDog

    There goes the "objectivity" of CNET.

    Actually that's probably not fair to blame on Apple. Most of the tech rags have very strong ties to certain vendors already. It's very hard to find a site that reviews hardware and software without a "ahem" bent. Maybe anandtech, tomshardware?

    1. Kurt 4

      Re: There goes the "objectivity" of CNET.

      There goes all the nice things they were saying about Windows 10. Who reads that garbage anyway when we have el reg?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    probably going to be the media relations group

    That way they can say "no comment" right to their faces.

  3. Phuq Witt

    The lease will reportedly run through 2022.

    Until when?

  4. Alan Denman

    Objectivity is seldom there anyway..

    So not that much will have changed.

    Micosoft 10 will still have its zero day hacks low on the radar whilst Android will get its scare stories without much objectivity.

    I mean, how come there was mention of the new IE Edge having or not having the latest zero day, or the fact that its built in Flash and PDF readers add complexity and thus hack avenues?

  5. td97402

    CBS Interactive? You Mean the Crapware People?

    CBS Interactive needs to die! They operate Download.COM and wrap tons of crapware around all of the shareware you download from them. Hopefully Apple does not absorb any of CBSi bad habits.

  6. Mark Dowling

    Wtf with this headline

    they are leasing office space. How does that become "grabbing a chunk of zdnet"? And why would Apple seek direct control over media when most of it bows to their jackboot media policies already?

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