back to article Yelp whelps yelp 'Help!' Chairman ejects, shares plunge 30%, losses grow

Yelp is in full crisis mode as the upstart's chairman is out – and its stock continues to free fall. The reviews website, headquartered in San Francisco's startup land, announced on Wednesday that a modest $2.7m profit in the second quarter of 2014 had turned into a loss of $1.3m in the second quarter of 2015. This is despite …

  1. asdf

    wait wut?

    Usually when you have piss poor results the CEO gets shown the door and the chairmen of the board gives the BS thanking statement. No wonder investors are bailing on them.

  2. Sebastian A


    I can't say I feel bad for them. From what I've been hearing Yelp isn't so much a review website as an extortion/protection racket.

    "Say, that's a nice restaurant you've got there. It'd be a shame if someone were to... give it a bad review, wouldn't it?"

    1. asdf

      Re: Honestly?

      Well then they double suck because extortion tends to be pretty lucrative as long as you are actually scary and don't get arrested. And totally off topic (and on a topic hardly anyone is reading) I am going to take a min and pat myself on the back for 10k total upvotes lol. Now where is my gold icon?

      1. Sebastian A

        Re: Honestly?

        Congrats. I'm nowhere near as prolific as you, but I'm happy with my up/down ratio at least. :D

        "In total, your posts have been upvoted 963 times and downvoted 39 times."

        1. asdf

          Re: Honestly?

          Yeah can't say the same. 3.5k down votes if remember right but honestly most of them where early on when I mostly just trolled the Euros. Think at one time I was at about 50/50.

  3. rtb61

    Any social media site that gets to the psychopath executive takeover and the corporatise and monetise stage, generally has hit it's peak and it is downhill from there as the executive team seek to plunder the company with hugely inflated salaries, squeezing down actually productive worker's salary, providing less and less to end users, play host to PR=B$ companies and corporate propaganda and generally turn the company into douche bags 'r' us.

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