back to article Oh look – Office Mobile apps to go with your shiny Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 has begun shipping to customers who reserved their free upgrades, Microsoft has also announced general availability of the touch-centric Office Mobile apps for the new OS. This isn't the next version of the full Office productivity suite for desktop PCs. That version, dubbed Office 2016, won't ship until …

  1. moxberg

    The Search for Eve

    The only reason Office is still relevant is this: Once upon a time, a little apprentice in marketing solved her life long byzantine riddle, the rule of three, once and for all with an Excel macro. As she was not only cute, but also bursting with pride for her finding, word spread in her ilk and will be handed down 'till the end of time.

    If only we could find her and punch her in the face.

    1. wolfetone Silver badge

      Re: The Search for Eve

      I was once told Microsoft Access was made for secretary's to keep phone numbers in, and that was it.

      Years later, this has yet to be disproven to me.

      One day I will pay Oxford enough to put "Microsoft Office" as a definition for the term "hateful".

  2. James 51

    I got a full version of One Note along with the trail version of Office with my laptop. I wonder if I can keep the full One Note if I go to Windows 10. Though I'd give it up if I could disable cortana, the baked in spyware and forced upgrades.

    1. dogged

      The full version of OneNote is free. You can download a fresh copy here.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. VinceH

      Re: Lock in....?

      That's why I've taken to calling it DaaPR (Data as a Protection Racket)

    2. kryptylomese

      Re: Lock in....?

      You are damn right, and that is why the UK government said no to Microsoft's standards in favor of open standards even after threats to MP's from the corporation to leave the UK. There are a number of governments in the EU that have also made the same decision.

      Bye bye Microsoft....

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Linux fanbois be hatin' now Microsoft be rollin'

    1. wolfetone Silver badge

      "Linux fanbois be hatin' now Microsoft be rollin'"

      Microsoft have to actually be rollin' for that to happen.

      1. dogged

        Also implies linux fanboys have only just started hating when a quick look at the Reg's comment forums and anything on Slashdot indicates that the hate has never really stopped since about 1996.

        (Which is, interestingly enough, about the time I built my first linux box. Now that was driver hell).

  5. Bit Brain

    Not just viewers

    "While the Office Mobile apps are free to download, however, to actually edit documents and create new ones you'll need an Office 365 subscription. Otherwise, the apps are little more than glorified Office document viewers"

    Not true. On small tablets you have editing functionality without a subscription.

    1. kryptylomese

      Re: Not just viewers

      Wow, and they give you that for free - I cannot get that from using Open Office?

      Please make them stop trying to sell me something that is both low quality and closed and non free (as in speech as well as beer)

  6. tony2heads


    These must be the most bloated file display programs ever made.

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