back to article Malvertising campaign hits 10 MEELLION users in 10 days

Cyphort researcher Nick Bilogorskiy says 10 million users may have been infected in as many as 10 days, thanks to a deadly malvertising and exploit kit campaign. The cybercrime investigator says the popular Angler exploit kit is driving the campaign targeting users across Asia, the US, and parts of Europe. It is the latest …

  1. Ben Bonsall

    10 million users in as many days?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      who died?

    2. DropBear

      Did they start 27000 years ago?!? That's one heck of a "long game" indeed...

    3. Astarte

      A long time ago then

      I always thought there was something dodgy in my antikythera box.

  2. Chairo

    popular sites

    Attackers made huge wins landing malicious ads on popular sites including The Drudge Report, celebrity trash mag PerezHilton, CBS Sports, Yahoo, Verizon FiOS, and eBay UK.

    What? No mentioning of "The Register"? Are you disappointed?

    1. TonyJ

      Re: popular sites

      Adblock, noscript/ublock, ghostery, no flash etc all spring to mind.

      But even then it can be tricky to get into a site for full functionality with all of the above - not so much an issue if it's for personal use but even some corporate sites become largely none functioning sometimes and unfortunately there's no useful (read supported by the client/site) alternative.

  3. Infernoz Bronze badge

    Another very good reason why script and adblocking is smart, and not only 'selfish'.

    If even some sites advert streams are malware compromised, then why should anyone trust any advert streams on any site, including a sites own content?

    Even own site domain advert pages pages may just be replicate external content of dubious security, so it can be smart to block this too!

    I even block some other 'normal' content which I regard as visually offensive or distracting clutter.

    I've even seen active internet content referencing by HTTPS corporate intranet site pages, including metrics i.e. so cross-site risk just waiting to happen; so shame on these insecure web designers!

  4. gubbool

    SandBoxie, Anyone?

    I've been using SandBoxie off and on this month.... it has some overhead but for free ranging on the net the overhead is probably worth the extra parts of a second.

  5. Gavin Chester

    AVForums has started to block users who have Adblocking enabled from posting to the classified sections as they need the revenue to run the sites, and I sort of agree with that, but given the malware I wonder how long before a lot of companies (and possibly ISP's) start block adverts at the firewall level.

  6. Doctor Syntax Silver badge


    Presumably malvertising is going to result in legal action sooner or later. Who will be held liable? The site? The ad-network? Will anyone along the chain start taking action before the writ arrives?

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