back to article X-IO erects its iglu over the data management market

X-IO, the supplier of just-won't-fail ISE storage boxes, has added a data management services head unit which can support up to 11 ISE blocks, calling it an iglu. ISE, the Integrated Storage Elements, come in disk (100 and 200), all-flash (800) and hybrid flash/disk (700) variants, have a five-year sealed box warranty and …

  1. Nate Amsden

    they had something similar long ago

    I don't know why I care about XIO but for some reason have been loosely following them for a long time. But I specifically remember they had a "head" unit like this many years ago..

    I had to look it up, the product I recall was called the Emprise 7000 (2009) which scaled to between 10 and 64 of their ISE enclosures at the time.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    History repeats itself. Apparently the new CEO thinks he can take the same path as one of the previous 6 CEO's and have a different result...

    Rewind to 2010. Xiotech ISE does not have the features customers are looking for. Xiotech OEMs Cloverleaf from Dot Hill and offers it as a virtualizer for ISE calling it the Emprise 7000 and eventually the BSC. It is a disaster to support, and no one buys it. Product Goes away.

    2015... X-IO ISE has no features (names have changed, product remains the same). X-IO OEMs ??? from ??? and offers it as a virtualizer for ISE. What happens next???

    X-IO's fatal flaw IMO is not developing the data services layer on their own. They had a REST API in 2009 (the major OEM's are just catching up). The ship has sailed. They had an innovative building block in 2009, and spent too much effort geeking out to make it better rather than building the ecosystem around it.

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