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Ouya has been purchased by games house Razer in a move that likely signals the end of the road for its self-titled Android gaming console. Razer said in a Monday release that it had agreed to acquire Ouya, taking on all of its staff members and software products. The Ouya hardware division, including the Ouya Android games …

  1. goldcd

    One of those rare deals

    Where I find myself nodding along, agreeing with the points made and all the rest.

    Ouya got some traction in positioning Android as a console that plugs into a TV - Razer made all manner of interesting hardware, that I've never seen off an internet picture/article.

    Actually, maybe nVidia would have made a better suitor - but they'd have had to swallow their pride on their abortive marketplaces, despite excellent hardware.

  2. P. Lee

    Lost cause?

    Wouldn't you rather spend the extra cash on a better phone and connect the display to the TV?

    Is there a problem with Android Gaming? Are touchscreens are pretty rubbish? Is it just me who feels AngryBirds seemed to add a randomness factor to trajectories and got away with it because no-one could tell if they were being accurate with a finger?

    They could go after the Wii market. More accurate gaming will require new controllers which means new game code and at that point, you're probably better off going with Steam.

    Do we need a hardware card for games? Something to handle multiple bluetooth joysticks/paddles/gamepads/music? Are we better off using wifi for that?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lost cause?

      Many many questions. This is not the place to receive useful answers. Be like the rest us: put your questions and curiosity in a box, and bury it deep.

      1. Jedit Silver badge

        "put your questions and curiosity in a box, and bury it deep."

        It can go in the same box as your Ouya. At last, value for money from that project!

  3. auburnman
    Thumb Up

    "[T]hat Ouya is giving up the hardware so soon after release must be disappointing to those who had backed the company in its early days."

    No it isn't. Early backers wanted and (eventually) received a cheap console box that could be tinkered with for pet projects and emulate megadrive/SNES classics in the living room. During the wait for delivery, the arrogance and shoddiness of OUYA the company convinced me to never risk giving my credit card details to their store. So despite playing a number of demos for games I could have bought, the developers didn't get my money.

    Long story short slowly divorcing OUYA from the company that made it could be the best thing to happen for OUYA in a while. It might even lead to the development of an independent OUYA-centric Android OS that makes loading non-store apps easier.

  4. Law

    Nice of Razer...

    "To help alleviate the pain, Razer said it would be reaching out to Ouya owners and working to transition them from the Ouya console onto the Forge. Razer said it plans to help Ouya owners migrate their Android games and store accounts onto the Cortex service. Razer will also give migrating Ouya customers a discount on the Forge hardware and controller."

    I actually find the Razer deal to be acceptable. Feels most odd.

  5. raving angry loony

    Count me out

    Razer - the company that created Synapse 2.0, software that requires an active internet connection and online authentication in order for you to use your fucking MOUSE. Razer, the company that requires that I log in to their often broken system in order to configure my keyboard. Razer, the company whose products were removed from my house, never to return, and they can fuck themselves with a rusty chainsaw given their total lack of clue and their even worse lack of anything resembling customer service.

    Ouya really gave their funders the old middle finger there.

    1. Ceiling Cat

      Re: Count me out

      Why would you install Razer Synapse?

      Been using my Death Adder for well over a year without it.

      If it enables any features, then they must not be ones that are actually useful, since I've not found the mouse lacking in any way.

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