back to article Oz opposition spraying perfume on metadata dead cat

The Australian Labor Party, which first conceived what ultimately became Australia's telecommunications data retention legislation and then, from opposition, waved the laws through, is having second third forth thoughts a pang of regret. Not that the opposition wants to overturn anything – nor could it, unless and until it …

  1. silent_count


    "Greens deputy leader Scott Ludlam, a vocal opponent of the legislation, said it was "underwhelming" to see Labor raise concerns about the laws after the fact."

    The above is quoted from 'The Age' piece mentioned in the article and sums up the Labour party's regrets and in fact the whole party. Is this really the peak of our opposition party's intellectual firepower? To pass laws and only afterwards questions whether it was a good idea.

    1. Thorne

      Re: Underwhelming

      It was Labor that brought the laws in. They just want to try to look like they care but in reality, they have wanted these laws for years.

    2. LaeMing

      Re: Underwhelming

      There is a reason they were voted 'worse than the other lot' at the last who-will-damage-the-country-least time.

      1. Thorne

        Re: Underwhelming

        Who is the worst? Liberals for thinking up these ideas or Labor for conspiring with the Liberals to make it a reality?

        I can't tell the difference between the Liberals and the ALP (Another Liberal Party)

        1. LaeMing

          Re: Underwhelming

          Pretty much. Voting in this country is like deciding if you prefer to step in dog crap or cat crap. Certainly there are dog people and cat people who have their preferences, but in the end you are still stepping in crap.

          1. Thorne

            Re: Underwhelming

            Dog crap or another dog crap


            (Cat implies while still crap it's different crap when in reality it's just another pile of exactly the same crap)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here's some data to retain:

    You've lost my 35 year vote.

    I may just go informal next time.

    1. LaeMing

      Re: Here's some data to retain:

      If you are lucky you might have a non-nut-job independent you can vote for rather than voting informal. At least you help someone get their deposit back.

  3. Private Citizen.AU

    The ALP mayor of Marrickville would be feeling the heat because the Greens won two next door state electorates of Balmain and Newtown. Data Retention was hot issue with the Greens Senator Ludlum hosting computer privacy sessions the week before the election. The ALP candidates were just constantly saying it was not a state issue but it still sucked the air out of their campaigns.

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