back to article Microsoft delivers Exchange 2016 Preview

Microsoft has revealed the first Preview of Exchange Server 2016. As is always the case these days, Microsoft says the new version of Exchange is a distillation of all the cooler stuff it does to make cloudy Exchange work at scale. There's a big architectural change in the form of the demise of Client Access servers (CAS). …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Why so negative on Cher?

  2. kryptylomese

    Microsoft Cher Point....

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge


      In general anything that "requires" Sharepoint is bad, very bad. If Microsoft are having to use this kind of tactic to force enterprises to use Sharepoint then this indicates a serious problem.

  3. The Vociferous Time Waster

    Share point

    Often people get sharepoint out of the box and install it in a single server with a crap DB behind it and then bitch that it is crap. If you have a solid and properly scaled deployment then it's actually quite brilliant.

    1. hplasm

      Re: Share point

      "Often people get sharepoint out of the box and install it in a single server....yada yada yada..."

      So it needs immense resources to even just work- why not stick it in The Cloud where we can all ignore it and get on with some work?

    2. Danny 14

      Re: Share point

      I suppose it depends on WHY you want sharepoint and also how large your organisation is. If you are happy running exchange on a single server, happy running SQL on another then sharepoint shouldn't bring either to a halt. We run about 70 concurrent mailboxes and a small intranet quite happily on about 6 cores and 48gb RAM between them. SharePoint gobbled up about the same amount so we binned it and stuck with old fashioned "map drives through WebDAV and stick with the intranet". Not ideal but it worked.

    3. Maventi

      Re: Share point

      "...then it's actually quite brilliant."

      Until it's time to upgrade. Or if you want to use any form of client that doesn't involve the entire MS stack of Windows/IE/Office. Or even upgrade the 'supported' browser to a new version only to find the plugins no longer work, and MS don't intend to fix it.

      I came to the conclusion some time ago that it requires too many ducks to line up to be brilliant on a long term basis.

  4. corcoran

    a 4GB ISO file which just has a desktop shortcut icon to sign-up for Exchange Online.

  5. Snapper

    Outlook 2016

    ...for Mac.

    Wonder how much of the new Exchange 2016 goodies will work with it......

    Oh! Right!

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