back to article BlackBerry pecks up crisis squawker AtHoc to add sauce to BBM

BlackBerry shed some light on its latest acquisition target, AtHoc, today. It looks an improbable fit at first: AtHoc does crisis comms for emergency services and campuses, and its big customers include the military, the Department of Homeland Security and the DoD. Speaking at BlackBerry’s annual security summit in New York, …

  1. Frank N. Stein

    The network is the point. The devices connect to that point securely, all over the world. Now design devices that people actually want to use and win back customers.

    1. BeerTokens

      No issues with the phones, happy z10 user here. They are just no very fashionable or readily available on the high Street.

      What would they need to include in their phones to make them more desirable to you?

  2. DesktopAlert
    Thumb Up

    Howard Ryan - CEO Desktop Alert Inc.

    Desktop Alert Inc., as a developer of mass notification products, including Blackberry emergency mobile applications, to over 1 million Department of Defense, Federal and State employees we applaud this move by Blackberry! When lives are at stake, seconds count. Blackberry's entree to the mass notification sector will save lives! Competition aside, we are thrilled that AtHoc and Blackberry has placed an even brighter spotlight on the need for mass notification during an emergent event.

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