back to article Nigerian prince swaps the sweet talk for keyloggers and exploits

Nigerian 419 scammers have taken to the crime-as-a-service model using cash to plug their technical capability shortfalls to build malware campaigns that could be making millions, according to FireEye researchers. Erye Hernandez, Daniel Regalado and Nart Villeneuv said that scammers, notorious for their attempts to fleece the …

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  2. DJO Silver badge

    Make the banks financially liable for any fraudulent transactions and the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the banking system would get closed pretty much overnight. As long as the banks are earning money from this sort of fraud (transfer fees) it'll never stop.

  3. Keef

    non english-speaking countries?

    'using the tools to conn users'

    Are you hoping that most El Reg readers are non-English speaking and won't notice your spelling errors?

    1. DropBear

      Re: non english-speaking countries?

      Your definately wrong, its quite possible to be a native speaker and still be unaware of alot of errors irregardless. And weather you've had you're coffee or not can certainly effect your concentration - just loose focus for a moment and viola! Sure, the OP could of tried harder but to be honest, I could care less...

      1. Dale 3

        Re: non english-speaking countries?

        "its quiet possible"


      2. dogged

        Re: non english-speaking countries?

        head asplode icon plz

  4. Alan Brown Silver badge

    No real surprise

    Nigerian scammers are the bottom rung of the crime ladder. They start using techniques long after everyone else has moved onto easier pickings.

    If you want to see where things are going to go, watch the IRC skiddies. If you want to see the stuff that's universally used across the criminal world, check the 419ers.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I thought I read the grammatical errors were deliberately part of their plan. The theory being if someone falls for it and didn't spot the obvious errors then they would be much more likely to fall for the next stage where bank details etc would be requested.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    These tactics can be leveraged by anyone out there! Quit calling them Nigerians..

    What makes you think these guys are Nigerians? I think it is ridiculous to think Russians, Chinese and even Americans abstain from these practices. Nigeria is a British colony and most educated and non Educated Nigerians speak and write fluent English. If anything, hacker masquerade themselves as "Nigerians" just to throw you off their scent.

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