back to article Dough! Dominos didn't register – and now it's pizz'd off

Pizza emporium Dominos has filed a formal request to get hold of the domain name after it incomprehensibly failed to register it late last year. The The equisectioned-circle grease-cheese maker paid the National Arbitration Forum $1,300 (£835) on Monday to assess its rights in the name – a claim it is likely to …

  1. Rol

    the dominoes effect

    and next week it'll be dominos.delivered, followed by followed by dominoes.yummy

    I railed against this like most when first mooted some time back and we are being proved right. This is just a huge scam, driven in most part by brands trying to protect themselves, as this case shows. They couldn't care less about the kerching dot kerching domains, but they have to buy them just in case.

    What do we care?

    Well, as a consumer, I care because all these petty(*) domain costs are being loaded onto my shopping bill and of course the likelihood that I will eventually get suckered by a genuine non-genuine domain that has miraculously found its way to the top of a Google search.

    Yes, now you give a damn!

    * 70 quid multiplied by the number of food related words in every language in the world isn't a trifling figure.

    1. Salts

      Re: the dominoes effect

      I will give you dominos.delivered, but food & yummy and you are of to advertising standards young fellow me lad!

      1. elDog

        Re: the dominoes effect

        Why not just opt for HeartAttackOnASlabOf.cardboard?

    2. P. Lee

      Re: the dominoes effect

      If I were them I'd just let the domain rot. Go after the owner if (s)he tries to pass off as Dominos pizza, but I wouldn't play the registrar's or the squatter's game. Browsers cache domain names so once you've entered the name you don't need to again. With combined search/location bars its all pretty moot anyway.

    3. Chris Evans

      Re: the dominoes effect

      I think it is worse than that. The proliferation of domain suffixes offers big opportunities for scammers.

      Some financial companies don't help by directing people to and/or sending out mail from not their main domain. e.g. Then they wonder why people get conned.

    4. desht

      Re: the dominoes effect

      I think they also need to register dominos.shitty.sms.spammers while they're at it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Big fish, little fish

    The hidden effect of the new domains is to be a big burden on little companies and not so big for the larger concerns. Plus, those large corporations can count on wresting away any domain that resembles their own (witness the current article), while the little companies cannot. Just more system rigging by the big fish.

  3. x 7

    do you think they'd want dominoes.crap and as well?

  4. Tromos

    Fair enough that it is their trading name exactly and the domain should be handed over. Unfair if it is just transferred without reasonable compensation. Somewhere of the order of a few thousand dollars would IMHO be adequate and wouldn't seriously hurt the bottom line. They had their chance to register it and failed to do so, and deserve to pay all over again if they fail to renew and someone else nabs it.

  5. Alan Brown Silver badge

    " if CJ Sculti did set up a pizza ordering facility at"

    Then they'd be hit with a 'passing off' tort claim faster than you can say "lawyer alert"

    There's also a not owned by the chain.

    The game of covering the permutations can get very expensive very quickly.

  6. qzdave

    no pizza in name

    They are running a campaign in the States right now, explaining they are taking 'pizza' out of their name, because they are 'about more than just pizza'. So by their own definition .pizza is not important.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: no pizza in name

      I hope the company that paid for bring this point up.

      1. Sir Runcible Spoon

        Re: no pizza in name

        The guy who owns the domain should open a little games shop in Pizza and sell...oh I dunno, dominoes.

        It would be worth it for the publicity alone :)

  7. JM987

    I'm not surprised

    When I first ordered pizza online from Dominos a few years ago, I needed to reset my password. To my surprise, I was sent my existing password in an email instead of a reset password link.

    I haven't ordered Dominos Pizza online after that and reset it to something more random. Seems like IT hasn't improved much....

    1. Hans 1

      Re: I'm not surprised

      >When I first ordered pizza online from Dominos a few years ago

      Did you eat that? Seriously ? Yuck!

  8. Likkie

    I don't think this is right.

    Dominos should have registered the name during the sunrise period. Since the didn't do so they shouldn't just get to take it for someone else who registered it subsequently.

    They should have to buy it from the current owner for whatever he think its worth.

  9. xerocred

    More generally

    Domains were supposed to be company names not trademarks... ok in this case though (excepting they didn't take it during sunrise)... but if they try to register

  10. Winkypop Silver badge

    Their decision making and planning...

    ...appear as good as their product.

  11. imanidiot Silver badge

    And what was the point of gTLDs again?

    Seriously, whats the point?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: And what was the point of gTLDs again?

      This. Shaking down big corporations was the point.

    2. VinceH

      Re: And what was the point of gTLDs again?

      "Seriously, whats the point?"

      Well, if I make a correction to this sentence from the article:

      "Many companies have decided to give the expansion of internet endings a wide berth – leading to very disappointing sales figures for the companies that were hoping to cash in on the expansion brand protection racket."

      Does that help make the point of the new gTLDs clear?

  12. Picky

    They dropped the Pizza anyway

    Dominoes dropped the Pizza from their name a while back - and even ran TV ads to tell people - so how can they complain?

    1. Martin H Watson

      Re: They dropped the Pizza anyway

      About the same time they dropped the E from Dominos.

  13. Velv
    Paris Hilton

    Cockup over Conspiracy...

    ...or simply just not being aware of tld's.

    Nobody tells you what new tld's are available, you've got to go and look. And you've got to be aware that new tld's are being made available, something the vast majority of non-techies will be entirely unaware of.

    OK, so you would hope an international business of this size would have at least one person who was aware. But if IT don't warn Marketing, who actually "markets" the online presence.

    This wasn't the first and it certainly won't be the last

    (Paris? who's applied for .hilton)

    1. Chorotega

      Re: Cockup over Conspiracy...

      The Hilton hotel group have already applied for .hilton.

  14. Pat Att

    I don't think I've ever been to a website having one of these fancy new TLDs. They are just a gimmick.

  15. Martin H Watson


  16. SImon Hobson Bronze badge

    > risk becoming permanently associated with risk and cybersquatting

    What's with the future tense ? That bridge was crossed a long time ago.

    I wonder how long it will be before a business that's big enough and has the cash sues one of the registrars for running a protection racket. That fact that some of the new TLDs allow names to be blocked "on payment of a fee" does rather smack of a "nice brand you have there, shame if anything happened to it" racket.

  17. hatti

    Never mind might be available

  18. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    "At the same time, however, the new gTLDs risk becoming permanently associated with risk and cybersquatting in the corporate business mindset: something that no one in the domain name industry wants."

    I don't know about that, they of course would say this. But, on the other hand, the few ads I've seen for any new domain are like "Register your name now so someone else doesn't beat you too it!" (with the clear implication being a squatter getting the domain, not a competing business.)

    Anyway, my guess would be they were just not aware of the .pizza domain? I don't know. I didn't know there was a .pizza domain. The silliness of Dominos pretending they aren't a pizza place is true, so that's also a possibility I guess, although in that case there'd be no reason for them to seek it out now either.

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