back to article Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?

Windows 10 isn't even out yet but already its creator Microsoft has foretold its death. Support for Redmond's Omega operating system will cease finally on October 14, 2025. That’s the date when fixes and patches in all their forms for the as-yet unreleased client operating system will finally be turned off by Microsoft. …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    2025, eh ?

    By that time I sincerely hope Steam OS will be all I need.

    If not, some flavor of Linux should suffice.

    Enough with the treadmill already. An operating system is NOT supposed to define what I can do anymore.

    1. robmobz

      Re: 2025, eh ?

      "By that time I sincerely hope Steam OS will be all I need.

      If not, some flavor of Linux should suffice."

      SteamOS Is a form of Debian linux.

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Well since you're so smart, you certainly know that SteamOS is solely destined to games. SteamOS to game, another Linux distro to work.

        Anything but Windows at this point, really.

        1. kryptylomese

          Steam runs on Linux - you can use most distros for both work and games...

  2. Jon Massey
    Thumb Up


    Bristol lad, are we Gavin?

    1. MrWibble

      Re: Thekla!

      Ah, brings back some fond memories - even if it was a bit of a dump. I presume it's has a bit of modernisation since I last went. If not, it's probably rusted through at the bottom of the harbour!

      1. VinceH

        Re: Thekla!

        It has seen some renovation work. I don't think the Banksy (as pictured) is still there, though. ISTR reading that it was too deteriorated to preserve in situ. I think it's in one of Bristol's museums now, but I don't know which. I could ask our creepy friend Google, but I can't be arsed.

  3. fearnothing

    What's this about 10 being "Microsoft’s last client operating system"? Any links/citations for that please?

    1. M_W



      FFWD to around 15 minutes in...

    2. CyberInferno

      The article should have clarified that the actual listing on that page is "Windows 10, released in July 2015 ** ". This is the first time they've listed an OS with the release date in the support information. So if you keep Windows 10 patched, support will continue.

  4. Winkypop Silver badge


    I misread the headline as the Win 10 launch date.

    My bad.

    1. PNGuinn

      Re: Sorry @Winkipop

      I'm afraid I read it as "Windows 10’s official end of support: October 14, 2015"

      My first thought was "It'll last that long already?"

      I wonder why?....

  5. Yag

    2025 - year of the Linux

    (Had a hard time choosing between the "Tux" and "Joke" icons)

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: 2025 - year of the Linux

      @Yag - you have presumably already factored years 2016 - 2024 as years of Linux too. Have you considered using a symbolic link?

      "Year of Linux" is not so much a point event as a superposition of states. A bit like Schrodinger's Cat, only cheaper on the Whiskas.

    2. kryptylomese

      Re: 2025 - year of the Linux

      You are so funny - you do know that there are more instances of Linux out there than Windows right?

      It is only desktop computers where Windows still holds the majority.

    3. Saint Gerbil

      Re: 2025 - year of the Linux

      Hasn't every year since about 1980 been the year of linux ?

      I'm sure I've seen that posted before.....

  6. 45RPM Silver badge

    …presumably, Windows 10 will be smart enough not to install any updates that will break the hardware - regardless of their mandatoriness. I will be putting Windows 10 on my Phenom powered PC (already long in the tooth, but plenty fast enough for what I need it for) - but I’d hate to think that it’ll find itself remotely terminated by an update too far one day.

    1. Primus Secundus Tertius

      re remote terminate

      MS have just remotely terminated Security Essentials for XP, as reported in el Reg and confirmed by me personally.

      If they can terminate that they can terminate anything they produce.

      1. 45RPM Silver badge

        Re: re remote terminate

        Agreed that they can - but will they? I suspect, if they did, it would be by mistake rather than through malice - but that wouldn't be a great deal of comfort for any poor soul who finds that their PC has been borked.

      2. Sandtitz Silver badge

        Re: re remote terminate @Primus

        "MS have just remotely terminated"

        Security Essentials isn't terminated remotely, the software just doesn't receive any new AV signatures.

  7. The Alphabet

    I do wish Apple would provide clear end of life dates like this, rather than just silently not updating OSX and leaving it to die.

  8. Siv


    I would have thought that as your version of Windows 10 morphs into Windows 11 as it is continuously updated (which you would probably only know about if you reviewed the internal version number) you will automatically go onto that products end date and then as that version morphs into Windows 12 the same occurs again ad infinitum until you replace your hardware. Which in turn will morph via updates into Windows 13/14/15 until it needs replacing??

    1. Vic

      Re: Updates

      I would have thought that as your version of Windows 10 morphs into Windows 11 as it is continuously updated

      That would seem to be a very efficient way to kill their own revenue stream...


  9. Nate Amsden

    so what you're saying is

    don't start using windows 10 until 2020, because when it goes to extended support at least they won't be messing with the UI anymore it will be pretty "stable".

    Which works out pretty well since that it seems windows 7 goes EOL entirely in 2020 too. For my small use cases of windows I see absolutely no reason to move from windows 7 (most of my work is in Linux mint with MATE on desktop/laptop anyway).

    (and yes in case you are curious I don't care if windows 10 makes my apps run twice as fast and doubles the battery life in my laptop, I don't want it any more than I want Ubuntu Unity, or GNOME 3).

  10. BobChip

    Simple messages?

    1 Win 10 will be the last windows version ever

    2 Win 10 dies in October 2025

    Logical conclusion?

    3 Microsoft dies in October 2025? Is that really what they mean?

    One can but hope.....

    1. rmoore

      Re: Simple messages?

      Well, those two together at least imply Windows dies at that date.

    2. Snipp

      Re: Simple messages?

      I like how you've gone all retro 90s with the GatesHate. But you spelled Micro$oft wrong.

  11. Mark 85 Silver badge

    2025? Oh my...

    <runs about waving arms and panicking wildly> Oh my.. oh my... This is a crisis waiting to happen...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, right

    They can't write even remotely secure O/Ss as today's PANIC Emergency Release Patch for all versions of Windoze demonstrates, but they want people to be foolish enough to down grade to Windoze 10. Good luck with that ruse.

  13. Lamb0

    The browser that will not die!

    It's October 31, 2025, (if I'm still alive), and we're more than two weeks overdue!?!

    Quick, somebody hand me a wooden stake for the Internet Exploder!(AHRGH!)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So much for

      Windows 10 being the only version of Windows you'll ever need then.

      Was this published before or after they decided Windows was going to be a service.

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