back to article Oracle bins virtual compute appliance, reveals identical private cloud appliance

Oracle has decided that nobody wants to buy a virtualisation appliance, but reckons you're all ready to stampede in the direction of a private cloud appliance. Big Red's marketers have therefore enriched some printers by changing the name of the “Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance” (VCA) to the “Oracle Private Cloud Appliance” ( …

  1. Youngdog

    Ignore me

    I don't have any real interest in Oracle's virtualisation strategy - the accompanying picture just reminded me of the time I tried paragliding off the Hohe Salve in Austria and, for a while there, I went off to my happy place. Considering the Monday I'm having that was a very nice place to be so thank you El Reg!

    For anyone who has never given paragliding a go I would thoroughly recommend it - it's like skydiving but a bit less stressful.

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