back to article eBay flogs off eBay chunk for $925m as 'uncoupling' gets closer

Online tat bazaar eBay confirmed it is flogging off its eBay Enterprise division for $925m (£591m), while posting a seven per cent second quarter revenue increase to $4.4bn (£2.8bn). Total profits plummeted from $676m (£431m) to $83m (£53m) due to the $786m (502m) charge related to the sale of eBay’s enterprise unit. In …

  1. Whitter

    A good thing for all one hopes.

    Maybe paying by some means other than PayPal will 'mysteriously' become less 'risky' all of a sudden?

    1. Old Handle

      Re: A good thing for all one hopes.

      If so I'll be willing to start using eBay again. I know I'm not alone in wanting nothing to do with PayPal, but I don't know if there are enough would-be eBayers who feel that way to help their bottom line much, but it's something.

  2. EuKiwi

    What a bargain!

    Considering eBay, as far as I recall, purchased Paypal for $1.5 billion or something...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Was it a buy it now, or auction?


  4. Dan Paul

    Split ups harm the host company!

    this will end in tears as EBay is really just an auction house and bought PayPal to vertically integrate their auctions with a payment method. And they will lose a half BILLION in the process.

    The sum of both acting in concert is greater than the individual parts, both physically and financially.

    It's long since past the time where companies should pay attention to "shouty" investors, hedge funds, or any of their ilk. Unfortunately, most boards of directors are as cowardly and shortsighted as the scum clamoring for the breakups.

    They never have the same vision as the companies originators, all they want is the short term gain and they never care if the split harms the company in the end.

    Samsung did the right thing with Elliott ASSociates. EBay should too!

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