1. Lionel Baden

    Lenovo or HP Laptop

    Family member asked me for advice on a cheapish laptop £500

    as it was for work got a 17" HP specced up with Quad core 8GB of RAM and was a tidy little machine.

    Family member has been advised by somebody to go with Lenovo !!! I have not had much experience with Lenovo, but our HP laptop has children litterally walking over it multiple times a week (lives on the sofa) I am Obsolutley gobsmacked how unbeliveably robust the HP is, and considering mine is alive 3 years later albeit no webcam detected now for some reason, will happily sing praises of HP.

    So please you guys HP or Lenovo ?

    1. emmawaston79

      Re: Lenovo or HP Laptop

      Without a doubt, the best laptop for gaming in this price range is an HP because it has the best specs. I think HP 14 is the best choice for you.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Lionel Baden

    oh yes a free upvote for your comments ;)

  4. ria321

    Len ova and hp both of very nice company brand laptops.Both of looks its very good .But hp laptops is very good for office and homework uses and it's fans.Its looks beautiful and is work very fast without any hanging problems.So i suggested that are you purchase hp laptops.

  5. Neil_Hines

    Hi, friends, anyone suggests me about which Laptop is the best for gaming HP or Lenovo? Anyone suggest me about it?

  6. David_Michaels

    I would recommend HP over Lenovo, HP has proven its worth in the market and still proving it by dominating in the most markets of the world.

  7. Dhanadar

    No doubt in that HP is the best laptop, you can go through HP with out fear.

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