back to article Dotcom's file-sharing hive Mega 'sues for copyright infringement'

A company founded by Kim Dotcom, the file-sharing website kingpin who is accused of mass copyright infringement, is reportedly suing another biz for ... copyright infringement. Cloud storage website has apparently fired legal threats at, a website that lists links to downloads of unlicensed material …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Since when did the Daily Mail start writing for the Register?

    How many times did you call this guy a fat man?

    Did this chap shit on one of your favourite chairs or something?

    1. Charles Manning

      The bastard shat in my favourite country.

      Well maybe North Island isn't really part of NZ.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Irony much?

    See title...

    1. Charles Manning

      Re: Irony much?

      Another ronnie for KDC: He's "broke" - having to make do on only NZD60k per month.

  3. Al Black

    Fat man Bites Dog

    Skelband: You have to admit "Fat man Bites Dog" is pretty funny.

    I heard Kim DotCom was a big fan of Austin Powers (one of the biggest) and couldn't decide which Mike Myers character to emulate, so he's now permanently stuck half-way between Fat Bastard and Dr Evil!

  4. Anakin

    Not funny and it's discusting

    I don't like the ranting here over a persons body.

    It's not ok to use a news site to bully

  5. earl grey

    Get in ma belly!

    ok, leaving now in my oversized overcoat

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