back to article Intel beats earnings estimates (because nobody expected it to earn much)

Punch-drunk Intel staggered along in the second quarter of its fiscal 2015 and somehow managed to outperform analysts' estimates, even though its results looked even worse than the previous quarter's. Total revenue for the three months that ended on June 27 was $13.2bn. And while that was better than Wall Street hoped for, it …

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  2. Mark 85

    Ah... a good plan... Cut R&D

    Yes, it's a cost center and not a profit center. But if they want the profits in the future, they need the R&D done now. I suspect this is soon to be another dying company that beancounters who can't see beyond the quarter are running.

    Edit: discovered some typos.. feels like Monday hit mid-week... <sigh>

  3. Charles Manning

    C'mon Intel, go ARM

    Intel have failed to get traction with their Atoms etc, but they have still done some great work.

    To make x86 architecture get anywhere near competitive with ARM has taken some amazing engineering. Their process engineering and such is the best in the world. However that x86 architecture limited what they can ever achieve. They're like a sports car trying to drag around a 5 ton trainer.

    Now what would happen if Intel cut that x86 trailer loose? What if they took all that amazing process capability and applied it to making ARM parts?

    They'd make the best damn ARM parts anyone has ever seen.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: C'mon Intel, go ARM

      The problem for Intel is how could they go ARM and maintain the profit margins? Things might be different if they'd kept their StrongARM stuff, but if you see how much money they made with x86 since they sold it, you can hardly blame them.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Masterbating a horse

    Ha follow the link to the Horrorgone newspaper article

  5. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Profits are still healthy

    Even worse, Client Computing's margins appear to be growing ever tighter. The unit's total operating income for the quarter was just $1.60bn

    So, it still accounts for 50% of turnover and more than 50% of profits. And even if they are reduced, those margins are still mouth-watering when compared with the competition.

  6. C Montgomery Burns

    It what universe is earning $2.7 Billion in profits on sales of $13.2 billion considered not "earning much"? Compared to what? Margins on cocaine? ;-)

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