back to article Google adds Windows Server to Cloud Platform

Google's Cloud Platform has offered any operating system you want, so long as it's Linux. But as of this week you can also run Windows Server in the company's cloud. The company's spinning the addition as a hybrid cloud play, writing that many of its customers “ deploy and operate diverse sets of technologies in mixed Linux …

  1. TheVogon

    "therefore going where its customers are by adding support for Windows Server 2008 and 2012"

    Finally. They might actually sell some services into the enterprise now then rather than being a niche player miles behind Amazon and Microsoft.

    What I still want is a "universal" console that I can setup up my desired cloud supplier list / availability / performance on and it will move those VMs around between various suppliers as transparently as possible to deliver on-going best price performance for the desired availability.....I have seen things that come close, but have yet to find a commercially viable solution.

    1. Ken 16 Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      I have simpler goals

      Which is to be design once then have my primary and secondary environments hosted on different vendors clouds so as to maintain system availability and contract negotiation leverage.

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