back to article Cisco is ready to axe workers at its Ubiquisys small cell unit

Cisco is brandishing its axe at the UK-based mobe mast maker it acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars a few years ago after the unit reportedly lost its way in the sprawling mothership, sources tell The Channel. The small cell producer, formerly branded Ubiquisys, was consumed by the networking giant in April ’13 for $ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    “When Cisco moved in they found a product with little useful documentation, no version control and sloppy test procedures,” our source continued. “The due diligence could never match up with the real products.”

    And Cisco paid 310 million spondoolies for them? I need to get into the startup business.

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  3. The Godfather

    My fulsome bosom....

    Fascinating how many lose their way in 'motherships' - smothered to death maybe

  4. Nano nano

    Degraded capability

    I worked at Ubiquisys in its early days, ten people or so in a Regus office.

    There was definitely version control (Subversion) and unit+integration+system testing. Of course, product versioning is possibly a different matter.

    So what happened in the later years, after my one-year stint, I don't know.

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