back to article Rackspace to resell and support Microsoft's Azure

Rackspace has announced it's now a reseller and support source for Microsoft's Azure cloud. In years past Rackpace argued vigorously that an open cloud is the best way to do cloud. That stance made the company a big influence on and contributor to OpenStack. These days it's all about managed cloud, with the company's pledged …

  1. mhoneywell


    Focus? Strategy? Rackspace shows signs of a company with no identity.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Finished

      "OpenStack? Didn't we have something to do with that once?"

      Yes, but it sucked and doesn't have a realistically useable hybrid cloud model. Which incidentally neither do Amazon and Google - hence partly why Microsoft are now market leader in cloud by revenue...

  2. Probie

    Seriously ...?

    Flucking Idiots. I am sure someone in the product team got a directorship out of this genius.

  3. sqlartist

    Fanatical Support - Yes really

    Yes but the article missed the best bit - their branding for this stuff - I mean its the worst I ever seen

    ...Fanatical Support® for Microsoft® Azure™.

    and they don't even mention SQL Server in the press release, despite mentioning all other MS Products

  4. PushF12

    Microsoft doesn't have partners, it has victims

    Microsoft drains Rackspace customers into Azure, rewards a few Rackspace executives with sinecure, and lets the husk of another 'partner' wither on the midden.

    Logitech is my favorite example this kind of victimization. History and experience suggests that affected Rackspace personnel have a few years to find alternate employment.

    Only IT departments want hybrid cloud solutions because it keeps some of their function internal and because they usually understand outsourcing risks. All other stakeholders in large corporations want the near-term capital, cost, and staff reductions that complete externalization brings.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Hi, Rackspace? Why did my virtual machine just reboot?"

    "Oh didn't you read your email? Microsoft do that sometimes because they dont cluster their hosts in the cloud"


    "Cheaper than VMware though, eh? ;)"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      On what basis was that downvoted? Azure is cheaper than vCloud, and Azure does reboot your machines on their own schedule because their implementation isn't a proper cluster. If you're going to downvote then at the very least have the decency to say why!

    2. TheVogon

      ""Oh didn't you read your email? Microsoft do that sometimes because they dont cluster their hosts in the cloud""

      Correct, so you build resilience without relying on local clustering.


      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You've never done enterprise IT then? There are thousands of services which can't simply be doubled up and load balanced. Azure doesn't support clustering, either, so quite how I'm to make all of my infrastructure safe in Azure I don't know.

        It's not the reboot that is problematic, it's that they give a 48 hour window for the downtime which is not within the control of the customer. This is not enterprise ready for many workloads, it was designed around the internal development model. Eventually it will be sorted but right now it's not fit for purpose for many services.

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