back to article Cheesy vid from inside Microsoft seller milks Office 365 for larffs

El Chan has got hold of a video nasty by some senior execs at Microsoft licensing giant Insight Enterprises that appears to be a faint stab at humour over a customer’s migration to the fluffy white stuff. The short starts with Alexander Kaatz, veep of sales and marketing EMEA (he should’ve known better) acting as a sales rep, …

  1. David Webb


    It's still better than Twilight.

  2. Phuq Witt
    Thumb Up

    I Love it!

    * It's well scripted!

    * The acting is superb!

    * The special effects are dazzling!

    * We really ought to share this with the world!

    [What the younger execs, with an eye on promotion prospects said –at the board meeting where their bosses showed them the 'whacky' video they'd just made]

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sometimes, just sometimes...

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel sorry for you journos having to wade through this stuff. At least I could press stop before the end.

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