Two Corsair SSDs destroyed thanks to faulty PSU from Maplin

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    1. Phil W

      Please tell me you only bought a P'S from mail in because it was convenient and the PSU was a major brand?

      Rule one of system building which many many people ignore, never skimp on the PSU in order to save money for other components.

      1. Phil W

        Ugh clearly that should have read "PSU from maplin"

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  3. jason 7


    ...spend less than £30 on a PSU.

    A rule that has worked well for me over the years.

  4. Geoffrey Thomas

    psu tester?

    Easy to be wise after the event, I know, but for a few quid it's worth investing in a plug-in tester for new psu's, even good quality makes. I always check electrolytics in any project before soldering them in. Having said that, there's not much I would buy from Maplin these days, I bought a lot back in the 70's.

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  5. sunithagolars

    nice information

  6. Mage Silver badge

    Maplin = Boys Toys

    They also sell stuff not suitable for the local market in Ireland, despite having I think six stores. I get often same stuff at 1/5th price from china now.

    I can't see what future they have c.f. Tandy/Radio Shack went down that route of selling cheap tools, toys and gadgets. They are gone.

  7. caffeine addict

    Someone I know who works at Maplin head office (as what, I know not) has repeatedly told me that their business model is based on selling cables to people who can't wait for them to arrive in the post, then upselling tat.

    A little harsh, IMO, but not that far from the truth.

  8. Conundrum1885

    Cause and effect

    Hi, maybe they were damaged because some eejit got two of the wires on the daisy chained SATA outputs mixed up ie 5V and 3.3V

    I believe that the test program if they were even tested at all only checks for correct voltages on the main connector, so this might have been missed.

    Have had this happen before, needless to say the drive (a very expen$ive external) did not recover and emitted volumes of smoke before I could pull the plug.

    Upon testing its nominal 5V was around 14.3 and dropped down to 8V under load.

  9. Halfmad

    Maplin ? Ouch

    Maplin is to Tandy what Toys R us is to Argos.

    RIP Tandy.

    On a more serious note, I spent more time specing a PSU last time I build a PC than I did motherboard or GPU.. get that one wrong and the rest of the components suffer.

  10. Fraggle850


    I remember my somewhat older cousin having the Mapiln catalogue when I was growing up. Enticed by the sci-fi cover art I looked inside to see all these fascinating things that were used to build electronics. Fond memories.

    We used to have a Tandy at the top of the road, changed to Maplin a number of years ago but was still delightfully geeky for a while, guess they've gotta chase the money in the internet age but a shame to see them stocking up with dissapointing tat.

    The guys at my local hackerspace are very disparaging about Maplin, the only reason to use them is if they have that component that you've forgotten to order and need it now (assuming it's not some shonky, low-budget copy)

    1. Halfmad

      Re: *sigh*

      My local Maplin has stopped stocking even little momentary switches, I'd struggle to even find solder in there now. It's all drones, remote control cars, speakers and modular PC components alongside random garbage for mobile phones and LED lights.

      Let's not even mention the price of their cables..

      I realise the internet has had a huge impact on their business but I doubt that they'll ever compete when they're targeting customers with such a wide arrange or random shite.

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