back to article Oracle and Xamarin flutter eyelashes at suits with native app deal

Oracle is tapping into the power of native apps and cloud delivery under a development deal with mobile app firm Xamarin. The pair unveiled the Xamarin SDK for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service on Thursday, to build apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Xamarin’s tools let you build native apps for the different mobile flavours using …

  1. Mpeler
    Paris Hilton

    Ahhh, C#

    Judging from the picture, they certainly wouldn't want to B♭...

    Paris, because she always sees sharp...

    1. SJG

      Re: Ahhh, C#

      I used to have a Music teacher named C. Sharp :)

  2. cyberdemon Silver badge

    Were you reading the article?

    Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

    El Reg really needs to quit with all these worthless clickb.. no nevermind forget it.

    Mine's the leather trenchcoat with twice my weight in guns in the pockets..

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