back to article Stay Misty for Me: G-Cloud’s transparency called into question

The cash flowing through the G-Cloud is rising exponentially, increasing by £400m last year alone to total a very nice £600m. But while the cloudy framework's flexibility and choice is proving increasingly popular with buyers and sellers, it's worth examining what that money is – and isn't – being spent on. In fact, only a …

  1. David Roberts

    Like buying a server from petty cash.... component at a time?

    Everyone everywhere tries to circumvent purchasing restrictions to meet short term wants. The suppliers conspire with them because they get the business.

    Strong policing of the rules is the only viable response.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Closed Shop delivers Incestuous Abnormalities and Corrupting Perversions

    It is unfortunate, and a definite impediment to rapid digital progress, to have as a mandatory prerequisite of an offer of supply of service, one securing a DUNS number for a business/service/process which be novel and virtually based and with no official history or SCADA record. A totally new entrepreneurial venture/spooky mission.

    The service provided by the Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud, and by extension and support, HM Government and the Civil Service, does then by mandating such a prerequirement, exclude and isolate itself from the very virtually creative sectors and agents that systems of good and great governance and future secure programming desperately require of government and servants of peoples.

    And the above is just a slightly revised and updated version of a comment acknowledged through Digital Services and hosted there too ........

    The government/all governments talk the good talk but practically never make the great walk and small step with a quantum leap into anything remotely different. And they are suffering today greatly because of it, and the future will ensure that there is no respite and considerably greater pressure upon them to improve all matters beyond present recognition. That is what progress is all about, not maintaining and retaining the status quo, no matter what they would wish you to believe is natural.

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