back to article Privacy campaigners question credibility of NHS ‘endorsed’ apps

Serious concerns have been raised over the credibility of the NHS Health Apps Library, with privacy campaign group MedConfidential having identified at least 60 apps that call into question the body's approval process. The library hosts 230 apps, although nearly half of the 130 to have been assessed by MedConfidential to date …

  1. Gordon 10

    More Importantly

    Just how many Privacy organisations does Phil Booth run?

    And if the NHS is running a central App store without providing indemnities or quality control whats the flipping point?

    1. Irongut

      Re: More Importantly

      The NHS are not running an app store. If they were, how would iPhone users install them? The NHS Health Apps Library is a catalog of health related apps with links to the relevant app stores for your hardware.

      That said all apps should be properly vetted for correct medical advice and privacy concerns before the NHS recommends them to the general public.

  2. nuked

    The future of healthcare is heavily weighted towards prevention and early identification, with our personal data key to any deep machine learning that might help along the way...

    1. Adrian Midgley 1


      We've known for generations how to prevent many illnesses, and not only is this poorly applied by the people who have to apply it - the people - but they elect governments that will sell off school playing fields ...

      Rapid high-tech fixes for specific conditions whether inherited or acquired are more in the arena of healthcare, or medicine, and while personal data and opinionated systems with hinting engines may well be interesting, the data doesn't need to be collected on everyone in advance to make it work.

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