back to article Cain says Veritas is in fine fettle as able Symantec preps for split

Data storage biz Veritas has announced five product releases and updates, and set out its product strategy as an independent operation during and after its separation from Symantec. Symantec EVP and chief product officer Matt Cain divided the products destined for Veritas into foundational and next-generation categories, with …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Alas tis too late!

    Veritas / Symantec has killed anything that was good in the portfolio:

    BE - after the 2012 debacle will never recover. Too slow to react and too expensive compared to the competition.

    NBU - great product but terrible product management who don't listen to customers, partners or employees. Has gone from Gartner MQ leader and 50% market share to 4th in MQ and 25% market share in 5 years. Way out on price - will continue to die an albeit slow death over the next 5 years unless someone has the balls to start again and write it from the ground up which they don't and won't.

    Appliances - NBU appliances are a red herring. They are more or less given away to sell NBU or NBU is discounted like hell to sell appliances.

    EV - also lost MQ leadership position and marketshare like crazy. Same issues as NBU - over priced and no longer enough advantage over things like Exchange archiving to make it compelling.

    SF - all but irrelevant now that bundled tools are doing most of what it can do.

    What does that leave? Next generation things like Fabric which has been talked about for the last 2 or 3 years and still not delivered. If it ever is delivered, it will be over priced and all roadmap like everything else.

    Splitting Symantec and Veritas is an opportunity for Veritas to breathe again but only if they change the whole culture and remove most of the current leadership team otherwise the only thing which will change is the logo!

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