back to article Dot-com da-bomb Verisign fires off an OpenDNS rival

Operator of the dot-com registry Verisign has launched a rival to popular online security service OpenDNS, called DNS Firewall. Announcing the service in a blog post, Verisign's Michael Kaczmarek said that protecting a company from cyberattacks was "becoming increasingly difficult and expensive," and pointed out that hackers …

  1. Nate Amsden

    seems unrelated

    Last I heard cloudflare is a CDN of sorts, with some extra features on top, designed to be used for inbound traffic into a service.

    This verisign thing seems DNS only, and is designed for outbound DNS requests from clients.

    Unless cloudflare offers something similar for outbound requests the article makes no connection that I can see.

    (not a customer of either company myself)

    1. James 100

      Re: seems unrelated

      Cloudflare works by taking over your domain's DNS hosting, then rerouting (some) hostnames to their own server farms to intercept, cache and filter HTTP traffic. (Unless you pay them extra to continue using your own DNS service and only rely on them for HTTP, a pricing model that makes very little sense to me.)

      The Verisign offering also works by replacing your DNS servers, but that seems to be as far as the commonality goes: this replaces your *recursive* DNS server, making it a competitor to OpenDNS (as recently acquired by Cisco) rather than Cloudflare.

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