back to article Dexter maker Showtime streams over the 'net, joins cable-cutting gang

Showtime – the maker of hit shows Homeland, Dexter, and Weeds – has followed HBO, and made itself available for streaming over the internet without a cable TV subscription. Showtime is available from today on AppleTV and Roku for $10.99 per month with a free 30-day trial, and continues the cable-cutting trend that has cable …

  1. Jedit

    They're streaming Dexter?

    Then I'm out. God, that show turned into a trainwreck.

  2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Not sure how much of a bargain this is

    So, for HBO and Showtime on Apple TV I'd pay $26 per month. Currently I have them included as part of my cable "premium" package, which also includes a bunch of other movie channels - Starz, Encore, TMC, etc. And, of course, that means I also get them via Apple TV and their websites, and the cable company's VoD service, since those are included for cable subscribers.

    My cable provider, like most, is shy about pricing, except for the teaser deals they try to entice new victims with; but the last time I badgered one of their phone reps into telling me how dropping the premium channels would affect my bill, it wasn't all that much. And in return I'm limited to Apple TV and the websites for viewing - which admittedly isn't much of a restriction, but it's a restriction nonetheless. It means I can't DVR stuff from them, for example, which is useful if the Internet connection may be flaky when I want to watch.

    I never watch Showtime myself, but my wife likes Homeland. That and GoT are nearly all we use any of the premium channels for, but once in a while someone watches a movie on them.

    I don't know. We still might drop the premium-channel package and use the Apple TV more, but I don't think it's a significant savings for us.

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