back to article Wristjobs, whopping big 4Kers and fondleslabs: Currys' Xmas tech

Retailers' “Christmas in July” press showcases may make your stomach churn at the thought of all that consumerist razzmatazz, but, season of goodwill aside, it’s also a time when new products get an airing before they go on sale in the coming months. Asus Chromebook Flip C100PA Gadgets galore and a new flipping Chromebook …

  1. Irongut

    Yawn. Wake me up when they have something interesting to sell.

    1. Anthony 13

      C'mon, but it's got ...

      "chrome edging around the trackpad and two speaker grilles in the base."

    2. VeganVegan

      Me too,

      I was momentarily interested when I mis-read the subtitle as something to do with 'strap-on bush'.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    So why the hell bother to drag something to a showcase, if you're not going to show it to people?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope TomTom are reading this as surely sales of satnavs must be nosediving now. Stick a camera on the back of them so they can be dashcams as well and a whole new market will open up to them.

  4. Tim Jenkins

    "...if the £1,000 price tag the Currys chap quoted is to be believed..."

    Oh, I believe. Currys call it 'enhancing the customer experience': aged relatives went in at the weekend to replace antique CRT, and came within a whisker of being flogged a 55" curved 3D 4K SMART thing, plus soundbar, extended warranty, installation/recycling and several 'premium' (i.e £49.99 each) HDMIs. About £2.5K for the whole package; probably quite a nice bundle of kit, except all they want to do is watch SD broadcasts over a SCART FreeSat box in a non-internet connected caravan...

    1. Tim Almond

      Re: "...if the £1,000 price tag the Currys chap quoted is to be believed..."

      "Currys call it 'enhancing the customer experience"

      I cannot understand how the Dixons group stays in business. I've got decades of stories of bad experiences from friends and co-workers. I've helped a few dodge the bullet of their upselling after they didn't immediately buy and asked my advice (found them a PC from Dell that did what they needed at half the price). I know people who put their laptop in for repair and were still waiting for it a few months later. Yet somehow, the effect doesn't seem to spread and people still seem to shop there even though their friends had a bad time.

      £50 for an HDMI? I remember Comet trying to sell a friend a gold-plated SCART lead for £30 in the early 2000s. Tip: Poundland.

      1. Zot

        Re: "...if the £1,000 price tag the Currys chap quoted is to be believed..."

        4 years ago their HDMIs were £95 when I bought my TV. I tried to explain to the kid salesman that it's all digital, so the signal doesn't degrade, it either makes the connection or it doesn't, but that means they can't do their job of pushing cables! Gold plate my ass!

        I got one for 32p on Amazon (true). And no, it's not a loose fit!

  5. Pete4000uk

    I used to have a curved TV. But it curved the other way

  6. Wupspups

    Rampant consumerism at its best.

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