Music platform for home

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    Music platform for home

    Hey folks, not sure if this should be here or in 'Consuming Passions', but here goes:

    I'm moving to a house where the previous owner installed some fancy ceiling speakers for multi-room audio. Assuming that these are patched to a central point, can anyone suggest an appropriate music system? I'm thinking of a server that can see my iTunes library and spotify, and maybe rip CDs for example, and some sort of client in each room to choose the locally-played music. It would also be handy if there was an ios app version of the client.

    I believe he wired cat5 throughout as well, but I guess wireless clients would be more user-friendly.

    I don't know if he patched the lounge speakers into the AV for integration with the TV, but that functionality might prove handy.

    Any advice appreciated.



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