back to article TPP partners plot milder copyright takedown rules

A leaked copy of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating text from May seems to show the US trying to mollify the other countries finagling over the deal. The leak, obtained by Politico, isn't yet posted anywhere, but the Electronic Frontiers Foundation reckons the newly-revealed draft shows America is backing away from a …

  1. CrazyLikeAFox


    countries with more generous healthcare systems than America. countries with healthcare systems.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: FTFY

      Australia will be allright then. They are well into dismantling ours.

  2. bryces666

    judge dread anyone?

    Just like the 2000AD comics I use to read back in the 80's, mega corporations having all the power, a counties sovereignty and ability to control its own fate subjugated to to the corporations.

    And the oligarchy ruling America are the worst at pushing for this new world order, money rules that country, now they want to swallow the rest of the world!

    Wish our politicians in the Pacific rim would wake up and see what a con job it is, and get there own snouts out of the trough.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Caving in to...

    ...ignorant politicians is unacceptable. ISPs most definitely should be responsible for any uploads to their network. BTW, the EFF commonly known as the Electronic Fraud Fudsters does not represent the interest of the public per se. They represent the interest of s few select entities under the guise of representing the general populace.

  4. LINCARD1000

    The thing that...

    ...irks me the most is the ridiculously secret nature of the whole thing. Our respective governments (at least in nominally democratically ruled countries) should be working for the people of that country, and deliberately withholding details of this whole detail is contrary to that and infuriates me.

    Our respective governments should not be bending over and handing the rapist the fucking lube!

  5. Yes Me Silver badge

    ...the ridiculously secret nature of the whole thing

    Indeed. The rumour that one aspect is not quite as bad as previously rumoured really doesn't help that much. is really good reading on this. If as rumoured it contains investor-state dispute settlement provisions (companies can sue governments over hypothetically lost profits) it will be truly awful for consumers.

  6. Alistair

    well what we have here.

    "contains investor-state dispute settlement provisions"

    Is legally endorsed, codified bailout structures.

    And of course the means by which a foreign national (because companies are people too you know) can force a government to change its laws.

    There is *NOTHING* about this treaty that looks, smells, implies or suggests betterment of any but a very exclusive few. And don't get on about shareholders - here we'll be screwing one group of potential shareholders for one other group of potential shareholders, with only the lawyers and the judges making anything out of it.

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