back to article World's (possibly) first HoloLens startup promises mixed realities

A mobile upstart has claimed dibs on title of first HoloLens company. Object Theory launched Tuesday under the leadership of ex-Microsoft HoloLens Studio member Michael Hoffman and apps entrepreneur Raven Zachary. The pair claim they will help companies create, develop and launch “mixed reality” applications for Microsoft’s 3D …

  1. Arctic fox

    "Microsoft previously promised $100,000 to fund headset developers"

    I may have, of course, misunderstood this sub-heading - but it gives the impression that MS have in some way backed out of their promise. Is that what El Reg meant by this or was it a case of a subbie who got over excited? Whilst I can perfectly well understand that you guys need to earn a dollar or two and of course chose headlines that attract attention I have to wonder what this was supposed to imply. I have read and re-read the article and I still do not quite understand that sub-heading. Can someone help me here? If I have simply been somewhat dimwitted (which is always possible) fine. :)

  2. Chris Wicks 1



  3. FozzyBear

    “mixed reality”

    Don't need any new tech for that, just a couple hours at the local, indulging in your favourite fermented drink

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