back to article BOT-GEDDON coming after ZeusVM leak, hacker warns

Former Kaspersky Japan boss now malware researcher Hendrik Adrian is warning of a boom of ZeusVM botnets, after the trojan source code was leaked online. Version two of the builder and panel source code leaked last month, and spotted by the French malware researcher known as Xylitol Adrian, who uses the online handle …

  1. Maty

    A good try, but that image is not Zeus. It's Heracles. I'm assuming you took Shutterstock's word for it when you used (and rather nicely elongated) their 'white face Zeus' image.

    However, if you look at the top you can see the head of the Nemean lion which Heracles used as armour. (Its skin was impenetrable). Zeus' iconic animal was the eagle. Zeus is not depicted in classical art or statuary with a lion, and never with a lion head-dress.

    Take a look at this pic of Heracles in the Met Museum of Art, for comparison.

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