back to article Storage upstart: Our flashy gear is WAY faster than slow old DRAM

A storage memory appliance to process massive Big Data sets in real-time is being developed by startup Levyx, with help from Toshiba and the reviving OCZ business in the flash department. Levyx was founded in 2013 by Reza Sadri, CEO, previously sTec’s chief technical officer, and Tony Givargis, a computer science professor at …

  1. Cesar Maciel

    Seems an idea similar to the IBM POWER8 CAPI Flash solution

    The IBM Data Engine for NoSQL, based on POWER8, a PCIe FPGA accelerator from Nallatech that is connected through a coherent interface called CAPI, and the Redis NoSQL database, delivers the same combination of fast DRAM and cheap Flash seen as DRAM. The FPGA maps the Flash as a memory block for the redis database to use, using key value store operations. The CAPI interface allows the accelerator to participate in the coherency domain of the processors - in other words, it can directly access main memory, without requiring system-to-device memory copy that is common in accelerators that are seen as I/O devices.

    Since Flash is cheaper than DRAM, you can have lots of memory on small servers at an affordable pricing. The S822L supports two IBM FlashSystem 900 connected as "real memory", for a total of 114 TB of "RAM" - on a 2U system. The Redis SW can mange DRAM and Flash for optimizing response time requirements, and the solution offers an attractive balance between performance, cost, and simplicity.

    There is a paper describing CAPI and the NoSQL solution with POWER8 at


    Disclaimer: I work for IBM. This comment is my own opinion and may not represent IBM's position or statements.

  2. sidc

    The key difference with IBM CAPI solution is that Levyx solutions run on COTS (Commodity Off The Shelf) servers and standard OS (Windows server, Linux). This also makes Levyx solutions run on-premise and public cloud.

    Disclaimer: I work for Levyx, Inc.

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