back to article Looking forward to getting Windows 10 the day it ships? Yeah, about that...

Microsoft has shared more details about how it plans to roll out Windows 10 beginning later this month. We already knew the OS will start shipping to members of the Windows Insider program on July 29. On Thursday, however, Microsoft OS boss Terry Myerson explained in a blog post that not everyone should expect to receive their …

  1. Tromos

    I'm looking forward to the reactions of those who get it the day it ships and over the next few weeks after that. If the Windows community is generally positive towards it and that remains the case at the start of November, then that will be my install date. I see no reason to rush to abandon a stable Win7 setup for an unknown quantity. Three months worth of feedback from others should be enough for an informed decision to be made.

    1. joed

      I'd keep/leave legit copies of Windows 7 alone. Windows 8 - there you'll only lose snippets of privacy, who cares (right?).

      And no, the "Start Menu" in 10 does not work like one. So can it be called one? Cos Cortana said so?

    2. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      If the free upgrade to W10 doesn't disable W7's existing activation (as I understand previous upgrade programs haven't), then conceivably a dual boot setup is not going to be an issue at least.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        conceivably a dual boot setup is not going to be an issue at least.

        Wont that depend on being able to download an ISO image? Also, does 10 need a hidden boot partition that will also complicate matters.

        1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

          I don't know what Microsoft plans for W10 but how are you supposed to perform a clean install offline if they don't provide an image?

          I can't imagine Microsoft would be crazy enough to make W10 un-dual-bootable. Or maybe they are, who knows.

  2. John Crisp

    Windows 1.0 to 10 - any significant improvements barring the movement of the decimal place ?


    1. Radelix

      Plug N Play and a fancy new background made with FREAKIN LAZORSSSS.

      but seriously I am upgrading day 1....pray/drink for me

      1. MrDamage Silver badge

        Re: pray/drink for me

        Why not both?

        Our Lager,

        Which art in barrels

        Hallowed be thy drink.

        Thy will be drunk,

        I will be drunk,

        At home as in the tavern.

        Give us this day our foamy head

        and forgive us our spillages

        as we forgive those that spill against us

        and lead us not into incarceration.

        But deliver us from hang-overs,

        for thine is the beer,

        The bitter and the lager

        forever and ever


    2. Siv

      Smaller footprint than its predecessors, faster start-up and shutdown, enhanced security, allows you to run Universal apps and brings you into the 21st Century.

      1. Bob Wheeler

        @Siv "and brings you into the 21st Century"

        I've been in the 21st Century for the last 15 years, are you surgesting that MS is only now catching up?

        1. Terry 6 Silver badge

          Re: @Siv "and brings you into the 21st Century"

          And frankly, even though I'm in general pro Microsoft I wouldn't want them to define what is being in the 21stC.

      2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        "Smaller footprint than its predecessors"

        About time.

        "faster start-up and shutdown"

        Who cares? Everyone has SSDs, and we only reboot once a month when updates force us to.

        "enhanced security:

        Only if application developers take advantage of it. In the meantime, Microsoft is making us all give up privacy in order to get this possible security.

        "allows you to run Universal apps"

        This is not a positive thing.

        "and brings you into the 21st Century."

        Funny, I've many an operating system that is 21st Century-enabled. Why is this Microsoft's first?

  3. amolbk

    > but the URL explaining *which features will be available* is not yet active

    It is now:

  4. graeme leggett Silver badge

    Makes sense

    If only to spread the demand for download and thus avoid a myriad complaints about why only 1% of download complete after hours of watching the green line not move.

  5. Chris Miller

    Be the first in your street to own Windows 10!

    If forty-cough years in IT have taught me anything, it's that you can always spot a pioneer, because they're the ones face down in the dirt with an arrow in their back.

    1. Siv

      Re: Be the first in your street to own Windows 10!

      That was what the insider preview was all about, people like me have been lying in the ditch with arrows in our backs since October last year so you don't have to!

      1. hplasm
        Thumb Up

        Re: Be the first in your street to own Windows 10! get it now, and get the arrows in your front!

        1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

          Re: Be the first in your street to own Windows 10!

          I betaed Windows 10 and all I got was an arrow to the knee.

  6. Not That Andrew

    Have they actually confirmed whether there will be downloadable ISO's & USB stick images yet and if there are how to get them? I'm not installing Win 10 until there are. I'm not about to do an in place upgrade on Windows. I'm mad but not that mad.

    1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

      In-place upgrades

      Generally, I would agree with you. However, I ran the upgrade to Windows 10 beta release a couple of months back just for the hell of it, and my system has worked perfectly since. I would have to say, cautiously, that I think Microsoft have done a really good job this time.


      1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

        Re: The down-vote of the Beast!

        Whoever that was just bumped my down-vote count to a nice round 666. Splendid!


    2. Siv
      Thumb Up

      ISOs will be available and even if they weren't you can make your own from the Install.esd that lands on your system when you get the update. Search for ESD Decrypter or get it here:

      I have been doing that procedure for each version of Windows 10 I have updated to since being on the insider preview and it works like a charm.

    3. Geoff Campbell Silver badge


      Also, as if on cue:


      1. Not That Andrew

        @Geoff Campbell Re: ISO

        You do realise that Register aeticle is about a preview build of Windows 10, don't you? I was asking if the RTM version would have ISO's available. Luckily I discovered this article squirreled away away on Microsoft Answers:

        1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

          Re: @Geoff Campbell ISO

          You're welcome.

          You didn't make that particularly clear, I have to say.


  7. Jason Hindle

    Still haven't received the popup on my Surface 3

    Not that I'm in any desperate rush, but I'm feeling ever so left out.

    1. Andy Non Silver badge

      Re: Still haven't received the popup on my Surface 3

      Oh, so you're the one who bought a Surface 3? Wondered who that was.

    2. PWagner

      Re: Still haven't received the popup on my Surface 3

      Hi Jason,

      This is a known bug with the update. Please refer to my forum post for a batch file that will solve your issue.

  8. Elmer Phud


    It's not as if M.S. haven't told everybidy already that the date is the STAR T of the roll-out.

    I doubt is even they have the server and bandwidth capacity to roll it out in one day.

    Cue the 'Took hours', 'why haven't I got it yet' 'M$ is shit as mine wasn't first' and "M$ has killed the internet" comments around the world. later on this month.

    Some of us may prefer to defer it for a while until W10 SP2 comes out. (or whatever they will call it -- W10.2?)

    1. Siv

      Re: Ferfuksache

      You won't ever see an SP2 or whatever from now on, you will just get continuous updates for the rest of time. Some of them might be quite large updates, but they are saying the model has changed with Windows 10, basically from now on they are staying in Windows 10 for ever and it just constantly evolves over time. Like Apple, Windows is a platform that allows Microsoft to sell you other services like OneDrive and Office 365.

      1. Spasticus Autisticus

        Re: Ferfuksache

        So if I was to install Win10 in a year's time (I hope to never install Win10 but....) will it download just what I need at that time or will it download the base and then all the updates issued since? I like my OSs to install and be ready for use in less than an hour.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Ferfuksache

          The recent Insider 'fast ring' builds download overnight and prompt you to install. The install part generally takes about half an hour, and is very much like a W7/8 install but prettier.The only annoyance was 10158/10159 in successive days.

          10159 seems just about finished, though. More polished and faster than the early builds, and no major bugs. The only thing I don't like is not being able to set Google as a search engine on the new browser.

          It's worth having just to get rid of the very, very, very, very annoying side-pop-out thing.

  9. Christoph

    "Each day of the roll-out, we will listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users."

    That sounds to me like: Each day of the roll-out we will find and try to fix more bugs.

    I will wait.

  10. clayusmcret

    Why rush?

    I'm in no hurry and will probably delay the install if I get an early option. I like letting others work out the first wave of issues.

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