back to article Hacker plunders Plex, demands bitcoin payoff to avert FULL EXPOSURE

Hackers - or just a hacker - have pillaged the forum and blog server of TV software biz Plex, gaining access to IP addresses, private messages, emails and encrypted forum passwords. In response, Plex is requiring customers to change their passwords. In a security update sent to customers yesterday, Plex said: Sadly, we …

  1. Jediben

    Greece trying to make money any way it can!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It can't be the Greeks, if it had been it would have meant that someone gave them some money to do it, that they then failed to complete the mission and then refused to give the money back.

      Whoever did it was successful.... maybe it was "anon"... oooohhhhh creepy music in the background..

      or maybe Edward Snowden oooohhhhh even more creepy music in the background......

      Or , Gary McKinnon, but he didn't mean to do it.....

  2. Valeyard


    Always worthy of praise when the card details aren't there and even forum passwords are salted and hashed

    It seems sometimes like this doesn't happen anywhere, so it's nice to see when people do it better

  3. Arachnoid

    Its Louisiana

    Looking to make some much needed money to pay pending court costs

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