back to article Japan's NTT whips out OpenStack cannon at cloud Godzilla AWS

Tokyo-headquartered NTT Communications has ruled out a head-to-head public-cloud fight with Amazon Web Services – despite NTT expanding its cloud systems globally. NTT execs said Thursday in London that the $112bn telecom and data giant would compete by offering public and private cloud, management, and data center services. …

  1. Camilla Smythe

    Freezone is buggered

    "We’re doing some server maintenance at our UK data center on Saturday,

    July 4th at 00:00 UKST. The maintenance will require downtime, but

    should only last around 30 minutes. During that time, Freezone will not

    be available for users at all. Any emails received during that period

    will be saved and forwarded once we are back online.

    Customer websites and emails hosted with Freezone will not work, online

    support will remain offline as well. Again, it should only be around 30

    minutes before everything’s back online. This upgrade will basically

    help us rebound faster should a similar outage occur again (heaven


    We appreciate your patience and co-operation in this matter

    Freezone Team"

    Nothing, including DNS works. Thanks for that 'Team Freezone'

    1. Camilla Smythe

      Re: Freezone is buggered

      "Nothing, including DNS works. Thanks for that 'Team Freezone'"

      For clarification... as of this moment as in not in July 4th. Of course I may be wrong but 'Totally Tit's Up'

      SMEG... I should have set my DNS TTL bigger to 'come next weekend in August' as opposed to '120'. Then again I am just a learner.

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