back to article 'I am so TIRED of your bullsh*t...' Sprint boss flips lid at T-Mobile US CEO

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has had enough of T-Mobile US chief John Legere, and he's told the world about it. The Sprint boss took to Twitter last night and fired off a testy rant calling T-Mobile US "bullshit" and accusing the telco of being "cheap" and "misleading" its customers. The rant came after Legere posted a tweet …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    All this reminds of two kids on the playground..."what you toss on me, rubs off on you" "liar, liar, pants on fire." "mom!!! he called me an idiot".... etc.

    So we're expected to believe everything that comes out of the keyboard on Twitter from the likes of them? It would be nice that instead of smoke and mirrors and shoveling BS at each other if the telcos would do exactly what they say they will do. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    1. Sirius Lee

      @Mark 85 - these were my thoughts reading the article. It must be a dismal experience having to use a product from companies lead by jokers like these. The idea of a good day at the office of the most senior person in the organisation is bad mouthing the competition on Twitter. Imagine being an employee of such a company. Or maybe it's the way all companies will be lead in the future.

  2. jibanes

    I think Legere seriously rocks; he has balls, Claure could use some.

    1. christexaport


      He's a national hero in the US! Fastest growing carrier standing up to the big guys. Honest, accessible, and with swagger of a typical American. He speaks our language, and cuts no corners.

  3. xpz393

    I'm in the UK, but...

    This T-Mobile chap seems like a right twat.

    1. christexaport

      Re: I'm in the UK, but...

      Well maybe its a cultural disconnect. He speaks on behalf of the consumers, and we LOVE this man. There's a reason TMoUS is the fastest growing carrier. He's what we call a straight shooter. With the carrier landscape as it is now, we NEEDED a straight shooter that spoke honestly, from his heart, and cut no corners. He's a national hero, and they are just jealous.

  4. ecofeco Silver badge

    Phone companies?

    Fuck them all. A pox on ALL their houses.

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Nobody is forcing anyone to use T-Mobile. There's no contract.

    Hey, Sprint. You owe me $2000 for that two year contract where you sold me a defective Galaxy S2, put me on a "4G" WiMax band that didn't work, and then said there was nothing you could do about the phone crashing or the 4G being somewhere between zero and 16 Kbps. I'll start believing you when the check arrives in the mail.

  6. mmkkpro

    Neither of these companies can compete with at&t in the us , only place they even work is in metro area's , cricket wireless performs better.

    1. christexaport

      You clearly aren't living in the US. Every carrier has their issues in certain locations. The US is large, with states larger than some countries! I live in Texas, about the size of France.

      at&t isn't all that, either. VERIZON is the best carrier for service across the board, but ask anyone, and they tell you, the crown jewel is Tmobile in the US. Pricing is much more fair, they are honest and up front about everything, including areas where they aren't so strong in coverage, etc.

      Since the failed merger with at&t, TMo has acquired lots of spectrum as part of the breakup, and their network today is the fastest in most areas, both in HSPA+ and LTE, and coverage is closer to par with the big 2 now. Its not the fastest growing carrier for no reason, my friend.

      Cricket sucks. Throttled pieces of bug legged trash. MetroPCS is better, and on TMo network. I'm in the US. I cover this industry here. Trust me, the old marketing messages about TMo are no longer true.

  7. Big_Ted
    Paris Hilton

    I feel sorry for you poor people in the USA.

    I have just taken a retentions deal with Three UK and for about $47 a month (£30) I have a brand new Galaxy Note 4 and unlimited minutes, texts and data (real unlimited, I use at least 100 plus gigs a month streaming and downloading torrents) on a 24 month contract.

    To me thats the highest price I would pay for the deal. I look on in horror at what you have to pay.

    1. Alistair

      to those of us with far fewer bodies and far more territory to cover

      The americans have it cheap. $70/month - but 2g data limit. *sigh*

      1. christexaport

        Re: to those of us with far fewer bodies and far more territory to cover

        Where are you guys getting this false info??

        TMo has unlimited deals in the $60ish dollar range, and throttle you after 21GB or so. Its a non issue, since Wifi is so proliferated, you never use that much, and everyone has home broadband service. Maybe you should update your info on US carrier deals. Its changed. We don't even HAVE 2g data anymore in most places, but HSPA+ is the fallback, and its almost as fast as LTE, faster in some areas.

    2. Triggerfish

      Yup work with a lot of guys in the US, the mobile signal always seems crap, as for broadband both home and work is poor and so expensive.

  8. Mark C 2

    I remember... 2007 when the TV adverts in the US were comparing certain Telcos because they only dropped 3% of calls! Has it got any better since then?

    I am in the UK, remind me, what's a dropped call?

  9. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Where's the news?

    I only see some fluff round some fairly random Twitter quotes. In general: if it's on Twitter, it ain't news.

    Legère has shown how to use Twitter for good PR. Journalism 101: PR isn't news.

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