back to article A looksee into storage upstart Hedvig's garage

Hedvig decloaked from stealth recently, saying it’s producing converged block, file and object storage for enterprises with Facebook/Amazon-level scale, costs and efficiencies. It does this through its DSP (Distributed Storage Platform) software, and The Reg was at a June 23 press briefing in Santa Clara to hear more. Founder …

  1. Nate Amsden

    they picked a terrible name

    They should of named it something like "Storage Magic v1.0"

    because that's what it sounds like they are trying to make.

  2. Serif

    Nice idea, but what's new about it?

    This looks very similar to Ceph and Parallels Cloud Storage. I guess I'm going to have to read the white paper to see what makes it count as patentable.


      Re: Nice idea, but what's new about it?

      Please do check out our white paper, this will show you we have developed a truly new distributed storage platform and unique way of presenting storage with all required enterprise features which can be expected from a modern storage platform. There are numerous differences when comparing to products like CEPH, Parallels, ScaleIO, etc.. Think of: Hyper-scale and Hyper-converged, unified protocol (block, file and object), storage efficiency (inline dedupe and compression without performance impact), node/rack and data center redundancy (up to 4 locations), high performance storage, cost effective, no traditional FS limitations, scalability into 1000's of nodes, client side caching and lots more. If reading through our feature list and white paper doesn't convince you of the uniqueness of our product please connect with me and I can elaborate.

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