back to article It's the hottest day of the year. So check out John Lewis' Xmas tech range!

It might be hard to believe that during the hottest week of the year so far, the great and the good of the PR world (is that an oxymoron?) are setting out their stalls with Christmas fare. Yet it’s not as daft as it sounds: the magazine world, in particular, needs to plan its spreads and this is a way for the great and the good …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

    Caused quite a stir did it? Really? You went there?

  2. Pen-y-gors

    Food processors...

    "food processors that also do the cooking for you"

    Isn't that called Dominos?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Food processors...

      No - last time I checked (admittedly a long while ago) I wouldn't have classified Domino's peculiar brand of cheese-topped styrofoam as 'food'. 'Building material' or 'garbage', perhaps, but definitely not food.

      1. Swarthy
        Thumb Up

        Re: Food processors...

        Domino's has gotten better less bad over the past few years. The last one I had was edible, it was even almost tasty.

      2. Grikath

        Re: Food processors...

        Ummm Simon... whatever Domino's claims, whatever yellow stuff they put on top of their cardboard-in-a-cardboard is not cheese.

        The stuff they use is specifically banned from being called "cheese", at least in this be-diked country. Funnily enough "cheddar" seems not to be as well protected here, so guess what they put on top nowadays...

        1. LazyLazyman

          Re: Food processors...

          I assume that is another one like chocolate and sausages where some EU countries force rather narrow definitions of some foods which just happen to match their local product whilst excluding other, perfectly valid products.

          Also, nothing wrong with dominos as far as takeaway pizzas go. Yes, its fatty and full of junk, but then sometimes thats what you want.

    2. Tromos

      Re: Food processors...

      Wake me up when they produce one I can pour raw unpeeled spuds into and offers buttons marked 'Roast', 'Boiled', 'Mash' and 'Chips'.

  3. Yugguy

    Screw Christmas

    This year me, my wife and daughter will be spending the Christmas period skiing.

    NOT doing endless rounds of bloody relatives.

    Fuck Christmas.

    1. Ragarath

      Re: Screw Christmas

      Bah humbug

      That is all.

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Screw Christmas

      Humbugs are cheap this year!

  4. Camilla Smythe

    I only bothered to check back with the first page...


    Haven't they heard of an Astable Multivibrator? A couple Of OC81s and some other bits and pieces and you are on your way.... Apparently, for Audiophiles, it works a bit better with BC108s and quality polypropylene capacitors with resistors from Vishay... as was.

    Presumably they can simulate the effect with a Mac, Kool Lighting and 'Blokes who apt-get' in 'White Coats' at 450 billion times the required budget.

    Come at me not with your Theramins and KT88s lest I wrap loads of wire around an industrial sized empty cling film cardboard tube and electrocute you with my selected paralleled ECC86s taken from old tellies driving the primary copper tube of a water tank heater.

  5. /\/\j17

    "On show was the development of a touch sensitive advent calendar...A bit cheesy maybe, but young kids would love it"

    Bollox they will! They'll just be asking where the chocolate comes out!

  6. smudge
    Paris Hilton

    Xmas tree spotted

    Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn has a 6-foot, decorated Xmas tree in their lobby, and brochures in every room advertising their Xmas and New Year events.

    I hope they get no bookings.

    Paris Hilton, because I'll bet they don't have one.

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