back to article Intel infosec folk TEE off open source app dev framework

A trio of Intel boffins have broken a vendor lock-down on trusted execution environments (TEEs) with the release of an open source framework that could help developers to build more secure apps. Intel wonks Brian McGillion, Tanel Dettenborn, and Thomas Nyman (plus N. Asokan of Aalto University and University of Helsinki) …

  1. Bronek Kozicki

    coming next ...

    ... new generation of viruses written for mobile devices with intel CPUs, self-installing in TEE

  2. Tomato42

    real question...

    Does it help with buffer overflows?

    No? Then not interested.

    What's the point of checking if the code is signed if the code is still coming from Adobe?

    We need to "trust" all CAs in operation in TLS and we know this is bad, so now we're going to trust all big software makers. How exactly does that make the situation better?

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