back to article Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2015 ahead of Windows 10

Microsoft will release Visual Studio 2015, along with .Net Framework 4.6 and the Team Foundation Server 2015 source code management and collaboration product, on July 20, nine days ahead of the general availability of Windows 10, according to an announcement by developer veep S "Soma" Somasegar. Visual Studio 2015 is …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ASP on Linux?

    Where's that Sick Bucket? Puke!

    1. h4rm0ny

      Re: ASP on Linux?

      ASP.Net is Open Source and released under an Apache licence, just so you know.

      1. dogged

        Re: ASP on Linux?

        Capitalizing all nouns?

        Hmm. Troll detected.

      2. Bronek Kozicki

        Re: ASP on Linux?

        I won't be using it any time soon because web application are not my cup of tea, but if I had to deploy, write or maintain one, then ASP .NET running on Linux would be much preferred over this junkyard called PHP

    2. Ragarath

      Re: ASP on Linux?

      He even has the name wrong and is living in the past. ASP.NET is not ASP they are two totally different things.

  2. LucreLout


    I love C# and have been working with .Net since RC2 of the first framework arrived. I snagged charter MCAD membership I was that keen, and C# is my preferred language by a very long way.

    But there IS a problem. The uninstallers for Visual Studio just don't work. I installed the community edition of Visual Studio 2103 update 4, which bluescreened the laptop (first time ever with Win 7) and failed to install.

    No problem thinks I, just uninstall it, reboot, and go again. Yes, only the uninstaller doesn't work. It just doesn't uninstall the programs. Ok, no worries, lets just msiinv the registry, msiexec /x the packages, then smartMsiZap them. Still no dice. This thing is going to outlive the cockroaches.

    So now faced with rebuilding my computer before the Win 10 migration, I'm starting to ask myself why I have to do that just to remove one piece of software. Seriously MS, you know what files you've copied and to where. You know what registry keys you've written and where they are. How hard can it be to make this work?

    1. John P

      Re: Uninstaller??

      MS have acknowledged recently what we have all known for ages, it is impossible to completely remove an application as if it was never there. Once an application is on the system it can do too many things completely uncontrolled for that to be possible.

      They're now starting to advertise appx as the solution to this. As appx gives the application it's own hive for registry and file system, it should theoretically be a lot easier to remove an application as it's changes have been isolated.

      I think they're only advertising it for UWP apps at the moment, but as the appx format came from their purchase of Softgrid, which later became AppV, I'm hoping they'll give some guidance on using it with Win32 apps as well, hopefully something that doesn't involve sequencing!

      Of course, it'll take the various divisions of Microsoft another 20 years to switch from MSI to appx, so whether that will be of any help for MS applications in the short term is another question.

  3. tim morrison

    Subscription model for VS2015

    If you want anything other than a free community edition, looks like you have to take out an MSDN subscription.

    1. Bronek Kozicki

      Re: Subscription model for VS2015

      Unless you are using it in mid-size or larger commercial deployment, community edition is all you will need.

      It now comes with very liberal licensing (also allowing for small commercial deployments) and all the bells and whistles you previously had to buy MSDN for.

  4. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    I for one welcome our new open source overlords.

    Admittedly its been far too long since I worked on .Net in anger (ended up working on asp classic for a while. Long story but even that horse isn't dead,now playing with node.js too).

    But from every thing I've seen,. Net is finally grown up to something that plays nice with others and for can make some pretty good sites. Even the default gives you enough to whip up a site in 30 mins.

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