back to article Turnbullnomics trashed as Oz regulator cuts telecoms prices

A bunch of Australian fixed telephony and broadband users are about to suffer under a regime of lower prices. In spite of communications minister Malcolm Turnbull's 2014 assertion that lower prices are against consumer's interests, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has told Telstra to cut its wholesale fixed …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    In the UK you can't even get that good an arrangement

    Most of the copper is still owned by BT Openreach IE BT, after 35 yeas.

    Fair deal for new entrants?

    Yeah right.

    1. Jasonk

      Re: In the UK you can't even get that good an arrangement

      Yet our problem with Telstra giving the copper to the NBN to use. The NBN has to pay for remediation that Telstra originally priced it at $2B but now knows it will cost a lot lot more than that.

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