back to article We’re in bed together, admit Intel Security, Trend Micro and NCA

The UK's National Crime Agency has enlisted two leading security firms as part of a collaborative intelligence-sharing effort. Intel Security and Trend Micro will be part of the "virtual threat teams" which will provide the police with intelligence on cybercrime threats in the UK and the rest of the world. As both companies …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Interesting development

    I find this to possibly be a good thing but hope that there's some oversight. I do have a possibly related or non-related question.. What AV do cybercrims use? Seems to me that there's some room for actually stopping these guys. Like maybe the security companies use them (unknowingly to the crim) to either improve their product or to sell it.

    It like the NSA here in the States... are they using the crims in some ways like beta testers or just stealing their ideas and malware?

  2. g00se

    Law enforcement agencies help protect the public from malware

    From CryptoLocker and Gameover ZeuS, through to Beebone and RAMNIT, collaboration between security companies and law enforcement agencies has proven vital to protecting the public from cybercrime.

    Really? Citation (preferably with stats) please.

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