back to article Linux bids for UAV world domination by enslaving future skybot army

The Dronecode open-source UAV platform initiative has announced that it has welcomed on board a raft of new members, who'll help drive the project towards becoming a de facto standard for consumer and commercial drones. The non-profit organisation – governed by the Linux Foundation – was formed in late 2014. Founding members …

  1. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    Forget the desktop

    Take the high ground.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Forget the desktop

      Sometimes the desktop IS the high ground....

  2. Stevie


    This is very good news! Finally the endless vitriolic forum arguments over which Linux distro is the best can be moved into the sky for a definitive aerial Linux thunderdome smackdown.

    Two drones enter, one drone leaves. With bragging rights.

  3. Francis Boyle

    Since I'm getting

    a Mad Max story in the related you could just be right.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Already bored

    While fiddling with basic quad I thought to myself "can't this thing go get a pint of milk yet?". Won't be long and the idea of "going to get the shopping" will be seen as an archaic pursuit, oh sure there will be virtual malls for VR but actually taking your physical body to a retail location! lols.

    We need to work on good machine "spotters" soon, forcing FPV users to enlist someone to watch for people or air traffic is reminiscent of the guy who used to walk in front of the early motor cars carying a red flag.

    My basic foam plane has been chased enough times by manically excited dogs when trying to land that I figured dog walking again could be better done by a few drones and some planning. For the record rear engined foam planes do something strange to even mild mannered hounds, I think it is the motor growl, be a bit careful as they really really don't like it at some speeds. I do keep well away from people and animals but a border collie off the lead can cover a surprising amount of field in a short time when possessed by the rc madness, I discovered. I had to use hedgerows to slow the thing down so I could get to the plane before he did.

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