back to article Red Hat promises lustre for Gluster, and heft for Ceph

Red Hat has ratcheted up its software defined storage portfolio, taking the wraps off Ceph Storage 1.3 and Gluster Storage 3.1 at its marquee customer event in Boston this week. The vendor played up the ability of both products to help customers manage storage at “petabyte scale”. Which one matters most to you depends, of …

  1. Loki688

    Market segmentation

    How is Red Hat going to justify Gluster when Ceph filesystem becomes stable? I worked with both and only see Gluster use cases in small setups (when, of course, Ceph filesystem becomes stable), all other use cases are significantly better served by Ceph.

    1. Tom Samplonius

      Re: Market segmentation

      "How is Red Hat going to justify Gluster when Ceph filesystem becomes stable?"

      Red Hat is not shy about switching horses. They shifted their primary hypervisor from Xen to KVM, once KVM became stable (and had the paravirtualization bits that Xen was good at).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why aren't there OSS based vendors peddling their wares?

    It seems logical that Ceph on CentOS can be used with ESXi the same way Nutanix works with their CVM.

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