back to article Micron fires off some in-memory flash data rockets

Micron’s Storage Business Unit (SBU) wants to shake up the server status quo with a dynamic upstart duo: in-memory app accelerating data processing rockets and instant access, cold data flash vaults. How it’s going to do that begins with its NAND chip development plans, which we learned about at a Silicon Valley briefing. It …

  1. abb2u

    Automagic tiering and application adaptive

    "What Thomas and the SBU want to accomplish is nothing less than a transformation of servers towards being flash-intensive in-memory data processing rockets on the one hand, and, later we think, low-latency active archive data tubs on the other."

    Well, yes, the 2-tier approach is necessary. But, it needs to be automated by policy and transparent to apps. Is this the software being written?

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