back to article Tesla says Model 3 is still on schedule, despite being delayed again

The planned Tesla model for plebs – the Model 3 – has been delayed to 2018 from an original planned shipping date of early 2017. According to slides put out this week by JB Straubel, Tesla's CTO, the $35,000 entry-level electric car is "planned for 2018." When the Model 3 was first announced, it was scheduled to be shown in …

  1. Def Silver badge

    I wouldn't mind a Model X if they can make me one with normal doors and a rear wiper. Wing doors might be all well and good out in the California desert, but I like my seat dry when I sit down, thankyouverymuch.

    1. Clive Mitchell

      The question that always pops in to my head when I look at the Model X is, so after I've parked in my garage, how do I get out of the vehicle?

      1. werdsmith Silver badge

        You don't park them in tiny shoebox UK garages. They will be fine in surburban USA garages that have more space than some people have in UK flats.

  2. Alistair

    I take it the image implication is that the Reg will be giving one away in full dress when its available?


    1. Ole Juul

      Love the red, and love the Reg logo. Perhaps I'm the only one who notices which way things are facing, but couldn't the image or the logo have been flipped so that we didn't have a backwards looking logo? (Not that I wouldn't be grateful to receive the givaway, mind.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virtually no one...

    ...needs an EV but there are some who might want them. The not delayed (again) $35K model 3 that will actually cost $45K if it ever goes on sale in 2018, will be sadly dismissed by most as there is no need and hydrogen fuel cell powered cars will far exceed battery powered EVs. So much for the GigaFlop battery factory that has no real customers but is being built with tax payer money.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: Virtually no one...

      The sour grapes are strong in this (AC) one.

    2. joesmith

      Re: Virtually no one...

      There is no reason to believe that the model 3 will not hit this price point. They've been shooting for $35k (before tax credits) since the very beginning and most research I've seen claims that it'd be an entirely feasible price point to reach, especially after the GigaFactory is up and running. They even managed to deliver on the $50k base version of the model S (Although this version was quickly canceled due to lack of interest in the 40KWh option, people received a software limited 60KWh version instead)

      Please tell me what sources you found that say that Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles are more promising than EVs? Over 90% of all the sources I've found say exactly the opposite. Hydrogen fuel cells seem to be the unnecessary and inferior technology instead.

      1. JeffyPoooh

        Re: Virtually no one...

        "There is no reason to believe that the model 3 will not hit this price point."

        Mr Musk has a habit of aiming at ambitious targets, getting close and then falling over.

        He's not "ambitious but rubbish", but he's got some misses along the way.

        Point being, your claim of "no reason" is utter nonsense.

        1. James Hughes 1

          Re: Virtually no one...

          I must be one of the virtually no-one then.

          Majority of driving is a 70mile round trip to work. I think a Tesla S or Model 3 would be ideal for me.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Virtually no one...

            I would like a more affordable roadster myself, say £30k would be good for a 2nd car... for the short trips a little car is more fun and practical, for longer journeys, I like the luxury of my Jaguar XF, ~550 Miles between fills, if I go on holiday in a Model S, I would not be able to charge it anywhere I went!

        2. JeffyPoooh

          Re: Virtually no one...

          "...Musk ..he's got some misses along the way."

          It's almost as if one can sometimes foresee the future. Ka-boom.

  4. ian 22


    It's all well and good for it to be on offer in 2018, but it had better be self-driving otherwise it'll never compete with the many other cars with that feature due in 2020.

    1. AbelSoul

      Re: 2018?

      On the other hand, if my plans for world domination progress smoothly I might be able to afford one by then.

    2. macjules Silver badge

      Re: 2018?

      Never mind. Things to look forward to in 2018:

      Russia wins the World Cup (well, they didn't but nobody is allowed to say that)

      London CrossRail opens possibly, maybe .. oh, okay then, in 2019

      Tesla Model 3 goes on sale in the UK - 12 month production wait means you don't get it until 2019.

  5. imanidiot Silver badge

    It'll be delayed again

    because they'll never be able to make an EV with acceptable specs for that kind of money.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: It'll be delayed again

      They said that about all cars... until Henry Ford came along.

      1. imanidiot Silver badge

        Re: It'll be delayed again

        Downvote all you wan't. That won't make it any less true.

        The biggest cost in an EV is the battery pack and we're still no closer to making large capacity packs any cheaper. Not even in mass production. MAYBE in another few extra years, but don't expect a pure EV of this size with a useful range for anything below 40.000 dollar range before say 2020.

        1. Hans 1

          Re: It'll be delayed again


          There, done!

        2. James Cane

          Re: It'll be delayed again

          We are closer to making batteries cheaper. That's the whole point of the so-called "Gigafactory". The sheer scale of the thing makes that inevitable.

          1. imanidiot Silver badge

            Re: It'll be delayed again

            Yeah.... no. Thats what they are planning on. I don't see it happening. They are basically betting on more supply being created because demands rise and then prices for base materials to make those batteries dropping.

            I doubt that'll happen. And even WITH that gigafactory, the batterypack isn't suddenly halved in price. It's still a very substantial lump of the total cost.

            I just REALLY don't see it happening. At all.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: It'll be delayed again

              > I just REALLY don't see it happening. At all.

              See comment above about selling short Tesla stock. This is your opportunity!

        3. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: It'll be delayed again

          > Downvote all you wan't. That won't make it any less true.

          That is correct.

          Of course, if you are implying that your comment did have some truth in the first place, I suggest you would be missing a great opportunity if you did not postulate yourself to the CFO role at Tesla.

          Or, if not interested in joining the company, why not sell short a few thousand TSLA shares? If you are confident in your analysis, that should be a very straightforward way to increase your fortune.

  6. jake Silver badge

    Out of curiosity ...

    ... where, exactly, are they going to get enough lithium to make these things affordable to the great unwashed?

    Without polluting the entire planet, of course.

    1. James Cane

      Re: Out of curiosity ...

      There's plenty of lithium available. Reserve estimates vary wildly (current lithium demand is too low to warrant much investment in exploring new resources), but it's generally accepted that there's enough to build car batteries for at least a century.

      Not to mention that lithium ion batteries are extremely easy to recycle (and in the case of car disposal, very likely to actually be recycled as there's profit in it).

      Lithium isn't also particularly nasty to mine. A lot is extracted from brine pools, or using water. Most of the rest is mined from rock deposits in a manner similar to other ores. Lithium is also not particularly toxic or environmentally problematic.

      1. Xyra

        Re: Out of curiosity ...

        I'm sure I read somewhere that car lithium batteries are >98% recyclable.

        1. James Hughes 1

          Re: Out of curiosity ...

          @Jake. Terrible troll. Not up to your usual low standard even. Finding out the Earth's supply of lithium figures is, well, so easy, a child could do it.

  7. JeffyPoooh

    Annoying fan boys...

    The interweb is full of fan-boys that will spend hours extolling the financial advantages of owning a Tesla e-car. "Practically pays for itself!" they'll exclaim.

    But they don't own one. It turns out that they own a normal petrol powered car like almost everyone else.

    The hypocrisy and BS run deep with them.

    1. James Cane

      Re: Annoying fan boys...

      The internet is full of people who are hypocrites. Your point?

    2. James Cane

      Re: Annoying fan boys...

      Also, I know it's a cliche, but read this. Seriously.

      Besides, none of the current Tesla models practically pay for themselves. They are premium cars and are cost-effective within that context only.

      Most of the people saying things like that, as far as I can see, are actual Tesla owners who appear to have forgotten their massive capital outlay (easy to do if you're very wealthy).

    3. James Cane

      Re: Annoying fan boys...

      And it's not a Tesla e-car. It's just a car. Where did you get "e-car" from?

    4. James Hughes 1

      Re: Annoying fan boys...


      So...people are not allowed to extoll the virtues of something they cannot afford, even the financials? I could extol the virtue of a decent modern good MPG car, diesal or petrol. But I haven't got one - I've got a 10 year old petrol Civic (230k miles and counting!). The reasons I cannot afford a Tesla S, even though it might pay for itself, is the initial upfront cost. Not the cost of ownership post initial purchase.

      Your point makes no sense.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Since when can plebs afford a USD 35K (= GBP 35K = EUR 35K) car?

    1. Sporkinum

      Re: plebs?

      A lot of plebs can't afford 35K, but that doesn't keep them from getting a loan and buying one anyway.

  9. 2StrokeRider

    I'm sure the launch will be followed in 2 years by the launch of the Elio, which had 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 dates :).

  10. CCCP

    Shocking, just shocking...

    Current of commentards flowing towards duracell cars.

    Just three years ago, the resistance against lecky on here was so high you could smoke it.

    Did the pope spark this?

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