back to article Kiwis to farewell 'global mode' browsing

New Zealand ISPs' experiment with bundled VPN services is over: CallPlus has settled a lawsuit by agreeing to axe its Global Mode service on September 1. The on-again, off-again, on-again service let CallPlus customers get around geoblocks by giving them a US IP address, and the country's TV broadcasters were outraged and …

  1. Terafirma-NZ

    They should just NAT it at the edge of their network wherever they peer in the US. then state it is due to IP address exhaustion let me see some stupid lawyer try and have NAT outlawed that would be a good one to watch.

  2. Scott 26

    NZ Broadcast TV packages....

    .... are shite.

    I dropped the TV part of our internet+tv+phone package from (then Telstraclear now) Vodafone and increased the internet portion to 50mb/s & unlimited traffic AND it saved me 90 kiwi pesos per month

    The "good stuff" (eg GoT) on Sky is only on SoHo, but you have to have Sky Basic before you can add SoHo, so you get all the other crap channels that you never watch.

    Fuck the broadcasters.

    1. Aus Tech

      Re: NZ Broadcast TV packages....

      Your comment about Game of Thrones is one of the reason for so much piracy here in Australia, and a major one at that. Almost no one wants to pay for the base channels, because there is nothing on there that the majority of viewers want to watch.

      The thing about the NZ ISP's Global Mode being shut down just means that individuals will have to set their own VPN up into the USA, or anywhere else, instead of having it done for them. A little more difficult, but still not impossible by any means, it just requires some effort, and possibly the payment of a fee to the VPN supplier, which is very small.

      Once again we see consumers being ignored by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Foxtel over here, except it's happening to your people now with some other lot, and they wonder why they aren't liked.

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